A Critical Part of Efficient and Environmental Friendly Swimming Pool

Nowadays, people are more and more advocating environmental protection and health. In order to keep up with the needs of the times, many people aim at high efficiency and environmental protection in the design and planning of swimming pools. Swimming pool heat pump is a very critical part of this, but quiet many people don't know the swimming pool heat pump and the working principle of the swimming pool heat pump. Here below we will introduce the characteristics and working principle of swimming pool heat pump (hereinafter also referred to as the electric pool heat pump or electric heat pump pool heaters).




A mentioned above, in the design and planning of efficient and environmental friendly swimming pools, electric heat pump pool heaters are critical. Electric pool heat pump has certain advantages in energy saving, low carbon and reducing operating costs. It can fully use the heat from the water vapor evaporated from the pool surface to supplement the heat energy required by the system for heating in spring, summer and autumn. Only in the initial heating or winter heating need to use auxiliary heat source for partial supplement. The electric pool heat pump is one of the new, advanced and energy-efficient hot water heating equipment in the world. The applications of electric heat pump pool heaters in the water treatment equipment of constant temperature swimming pool can not only save energy, but also operate stably all year round, not affected by bad weather. At the same time, it has a long service life, reduces the maintenance cost and saves the cost. With the increase of public swimming pool, community swimming pool and private swimming pool, people have higher and higher requirements for water treatment equipment of swimming pool. Now, many devices need to consider the constant temperature function.


Working Principle of Swimming Pool Heat Pump


The so-called swimming pool heat pump or electric pool heat pump is using a water heat exchanger with corrosion-resistant titanium tube. It works in the same principle as ordinary heat pump to heat the swimming pool water and maintain a constant temperature. Generally speaking, the pump is the delivering visible water from low location to high location, and the heat pump to transfer the invisible low heat source to high heat source. According to the first and second laws of thermodynamics, all thermal engines work in a positive cycle, and the effect is to convert heat into mechanical energy. The effect of reverse cycle is to consume mechanical energy to force heat to flow from low temperature to high temperature. Both refrigerator and heat pump work on the principle of reverse cycle. Reverse cycle has the characteristics of heat release from low temperature heat source. When the purpose is to absorb heat from low temperature heat source, the system is called heat pump. Generally speaking, heat pump is a process that makes the working medium absorb heat from low-temperature heat source and increase its temperature by adding mechanical energy or other energy, so as to release heat energy in the process of high-temperature constant pressure condensation.


There are many people who love swimming. In order to provide a better swimming place for everyone, many swimming pools have very high requirements for the treatment of pool water equipment, therefore, the electric heat pump pool heaters are used by many people. The pool heat pump can keep the water in the constant temperature state and make people feel more comfortable. The electric pool heat pump is energy-saving and has high efficiency, so it is very convenient to use.


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