Above Ground Pool Heaters

So, you have bought an above ground pool, probably an Intex type pool, that sits on your lawn. You have filled it with water, connected up the filter pump and you and your family are all ready to climb that ladder and step in. But then you hear “it's freezing cold! I am not going in that!”.

Sound familiar? You need a heater. In this article we will discuss the various options for heating a garden above ground pool. We are talking about the heat pump for above ground pool, you can buy them from the Fantastic heat pump company.

Heat pumps for above ground pool operate like a reverse air conditioner, absorbing the ambient heat in the outside air, and transferring it into your pool water as it cycles though a titanium heat exchanger.

Slow and steady is the way for a heat pump. Not the fastest kid on the block, but it gets the job done. It sips electricity to power the fan and compressor, creating reliable heat at half the cost of gas pool heaters. Considered a “greener” pool heating option by many; with no direct use of fossil fuels and zero emissions.

Heat pumps are extremely reliable with no moving parts and durable, with few sensitive components. They won't however, heat the pool water when the outside air temperature drops below 45 degrees. This means that for a pool in the northern U.S. a pool heat pump can produce 6 months of heat, while deep southern pools can use a heat pump all year around.

Installation involves placement on a suitable base next to the pump and filter. Cut the return line, after the filter and route the pipe in and out of the heat pump.

The electrical requirement for heat pumps is heavy, most need a minimum service of 30 Amps. This may mean you need to have an electrician run a new line from the house main panel (breaker box) to the heat pump, to provide enough amperage to power the heat pump.

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