Advantage of Inverter Heat Pump System

When it comes to house heating or cooling, there are many choices for forced-air systems. These are systems like central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps.

While central air conditioners and furnaces have done a fine job of serving the needs of homeowners for decades, heat pumps have its advantages: efficiency and versatility. And inverter heat pump system not only solve the problem of energy saving, but also have new innovation for heat pump heating.




Work at low temperature
A normal heat pump can not work at low temperatures due to the compressor limit. DC inverter heat pump with good quality DC compressor, it can work at a low temperature to -20 degree. Even at low temperatures, its performance is very good.

Super quiet
Fantastic inverter heat pump system use inverter compressor and also DC fan motor, provides low noise for all the heat pump system. Give you a more comfortable experience with heat pump heating.

Fast heating
FANTASTIC DC inverter can quickly pick and choose the best the operating frequency of the compressors and fan motor and heat pump EEV opening automatically according to the heating or cooling demand by smart inverter control technology for the first heating, inverter fast heating can save 50% heating time than a traditional heat pump.

Energy Saving
With no frequent start-up and stop running, the heat pump work in stable condition with high efficiency. The emery consumption is 30% less than that of a traditional heat pump.

With Fantastic inverter heat pump heating, you can enjoy full warm heating in winter and no need to worry about the electric cost.



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