When it comes to replace a traditional heating system such as gas boiler with a renewable alternative equipment such as heat pump, homeowners always spend a lot of time doing research before committing to the replacement.


During such research, the question that whether to install a fixed output heat pump or an inverter heat pump may come up. As one of the professional fixed output and inverter heat pump manufacturers, Fantastic® supply both to meet different homeowners’ demands. Fantastic® has years of worthy experience for both types of heat pumps in their design, development and research, installation and maintenance. All experience make Fantastic® confirms without doubt that an inverter heat pump is the best choice among them. In this article we are going to detail the major advantages of inverter heat pump.


Inverter heat pump offers far better efficiency


Comparing to all traditional fossil fuel heating systems like coil or gas boiler, both fixed output heat pump and inverter heat pump offer far better energy efficiency. And in order to get the best energy efficiency from a heat pump, professional fixed output and inverter heat pump manufacturers will all advise homeowners to keep the heat pump running all the time to keep steady temperature in the house.


During this process, the fixed output heat pump will constantly run between zero and maximum capacity in order to get the balance to supply the temperature needed. Whereas an inverter heat pump is able to modulate the output to provide consistent temperature according to the actual load demands and thus to minimize the temperature fluctuation, in order to maintain stable comfort for homeowners.


Inverter heat pump works with less wear and tear


Every time when a fixed output heat pump starts, it will draw a surge in current which places the electrical power supply network under stress, and the running at maximum capacity puts the mechanical parts of the heat pump under strain. Such cycling start might take places for several times in a day in order to compensate the heat loss in the house. This stress and strain can be reduced by installing soft starts but will generally fail after only few years.


However, an inverter heat pump is using DC inverter compressor which will not cause such stress and strain during its start cycle. Inverter heat pump starts from zero current and gradually increase until reaching the needed capacity that meets the heating demands. This helps avoid making the heat pump or the electrical supply network under stress, and at the same time, also makes the inverter heat pump easier and smoother to control than a fixed output heat pump. 


Fantastic®: specialists in energy efficiency


As one of the professional inverter heat pump manufacturers, Fantastic® has been at the forefront of heat pump industry for more than 20 years with its range of inverter heat pumps including air source and water/ground source unit being popular in both domestic and overseas markets.


Looking for more information on air source or geothermal inverter heat pump? Contact us at anytime. Fantastic®, one of professional inverter heat pump manufacturers always here to provide you reliable, professional, different, fantastic service.





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