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What is a heat pump?

Heat pump is a kind of heat transfer device between the air in the building space and the outdoor air. In a warm climate, the device extracts heat from indoor air to water and transfers it to outdoor air to cool the room. On colder days, the process reverses, as the device absorbs heat from the outside air and transports it to water, then indoors. Even in the freezing temperature, the device can effectively extract heat from the external air to achieve indoor heating or domestic hot water.

What is air conditioning?

Similar to heat pumps, air conditioning can transfer heat from one place to another, which means that it can extract heat from indoor air and transfer it to the outside, but air conditioning has no intermediate conversion of water and can only cool.. But FANTASTIC company has a Super air conditioner (mini-split EVI inverter AC), which integrates EVI DC inverter technology and can even provide room heating at - 25 ℃.

Comparison of functions and scope of use:
Conventional air conditioning can only be used for room cooling, but heat pump can not only be used for room cooling, but also for room heating and various domestic hot water. It can be said that a heat pump can meet your various cold and hot needs.
Conventional air conditioning also increases heating, but the heating efficiency of this kind of air conditioning is very low, because heating is done when the outdoor environment temperature is cold. Conventional air conditioning may shut down for protection. Fantastic's unique super evi variable frequency air conditioning can heat at minus 25 degrees, but there are only 1 and 1.5 small houses.
The heat pump can produce heat, cooling, hot water, and the evi variable frequency heat pump of fantastic can also work at an ambient temperature of - 35 ℃ or - 50 ℃ T3. It can meet all kinds of harsh environments around the world, and there are heat pump for house by residential heat pump, and also heat pump for commercial industries by commercial heat pump. The water temperature of a fantastic's two-stage high-temperature heat pump can even reach 80 ℃, and the water temperature of a fantastic's CO2 engines can reach 90 ℃.

So just buy a machine that can meet all kinds of hot and cold needs of different size of your house, business place and industrial place. Therefore, the function of heat pump is more comprehensive than that of air conditioning, and its application range is wider.

FANTASTIC heat pump

Performance comparison:
First of all, one of the basic design differences between heat pump and air conditioner is whether there is water as the medium. Air conditioner is air to air product, while heat pump is air to water (air source heat pump) or water to water (ground source heat pump).

In the aspect of room cooling, both heat pump and air conditioner can be cooled, and the effect is not too far, but air conditioner is faster than heat pump, because there is less medium conversion, which can directly absorb the air in the room.

In terms of room heating, the heat pump for the house by residential heat pump, or commercial heat pump, the performance of conventional air conditioning is far less than that of heat pump. On the one hand, the design of conventional air conditioning tends to be cooling, and the heating capacity is less than that of heat pump, On the other hand, the heat pump uses water as the medium, the specific heat capacity of water is very good, and it can store heat well, so that the hot water can stably transfer heat to the whole big room or the various places of the large workshop with a little leakage, while the refrigerant of air conditioning can not be transported for a long distance, and the heat loss is fast, and it may cause the oil of compressor can not be returned and there is the risk of burning the compressor. On the other hand, in terms of heat storage, the heat pump stops when it reaches the temperature and starts again when the temperature difference is 5 degrees. The energy-saving of the heat pump is very high. Furthermore, the heat pump can achieve a very high heat conversion capacity, the heating capacity and COP are quite high. Heat pump is designed for heating. the heat pump for house by residential heat pump or commercial heat pump.

In terms of cold water function and hot water function, the air conditioner does not have these two functions, while the heat pump can also be used as a cold water machine and a hot water machine to provide domestic hot water and industrial cold water and hot water.

To sum up, if you have the need for domestic hot water besides cooling, or the need for room heating, or the need for heating + domestic hot water, or the need for cold water. Heat pump is preferred.

Electricity charge comparison:

Whether it's Cooling or heating, hot water, heat pump can save energy through water, so it's reasonable to save electricity. Not to mention other special cases of the heat pump for house by a residential heat pump or commercial heat pump, heat pump is more energy-saving than air conditioning. When making hot water, an ordinary heat pump can reach a minimum cop of more than 4.0 when the ambient temperature is 20 ° C and the water is raised from 15 ° C to 55 ° C. that is to say, if you spend only one degree of electricity fee, you can generate 4 ° C heat, which is far more energy-saving than an electric boiler.

FANTASTIC heat pump

Cost/price comparison

When comparing the cost, we need to talk about the unit price, installation fee, after-sales fee and use cost of the product together, because these are all the expenses we really have to pay for buying a machine.

Air conditioning is cheaper than heat pump in terms of unit price and installation cost. In a room of the same size, choosing an air conditioner is about 50% cheaper than choosing a heat pump. However, in terms of after-sales cost and use cost, heat pump has great advantages. In terms of after-sales, because the air conditioner is divided into internal and external units, which need to be connected with a refrigerant pipe between the internal unit and the external unit, there will often be leakage of refrigerant in this place, while the heat pump is a mostly integral type, which will not happen. Therefore, the installed heat pump often has fewer after-sales problems than the air conditioner.

The most important thing is the cost of use. The cooling and heating of air conditioning do not have the water storage temperature with high specific heat capacities like the heat pump for the house by a residential heat pump or commercial heat pump. Under the same room size, heat pump heating and conventional air conditioning heating can save more than 50% of the electricity compared with air conditioning. In Europe, the United States and Australia countries with high electricity charges, heat pump can save more than 50% of the electricity, It is estimated that 50% of the unit price of the product can be saved by electricity as long as you use the heat pump for less than one year, and you have been saving electricity for more than ten years in the future. At this time, you find that the cost of heat pump is much cheaper than that of an air conditioner.

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