Air To Air Heat Pump Application

Air to air heat pump with advantages such as safety, environmental protection, energy-saving, comfort, dual heating, and cooling, not only used for home heating and cooling, but also used for large and medium-sized public buildings such as schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals, etc. As HVAC air to air generation subsystem product, air to air heat pump is more and more recognized by the market, especially for the co2 air to air heat pump.


How much is air to air heat pump? That is depended on the unit heating capacity. For the heating costs, according to statistics from Fantastic, using Fantastic air to air heat pump for 18 square meters of rooms requires an average of 10 kWh of electricity a day.


Especially, for some market where gas or other heat source is cheap for winter heating and also need cooling in summer, like Russia, Canada, and the USA, and so on. FANTASTIC company has a unique patent product - all in one monoblock air conditioner (with AC cooling + radiator heating + Ventilation).


FANTASTIC all in one monoblock air conditioner with radiator heating is all in one product that  Monoblock air conditioner is equipment as an air conditioner system for cooling + traditional radiator system for heating + ventilation system for fresh air.


As the unique design of FANTASTIC mono-block air conditioner would save space and looks nice, it could be installed inside the wall, and hidden pipe connections and installation under the window, and what's more, No external unit needs to be installed outdoor, save much space.

FANTASTIC air conditioner is a super quiet product that with Thin, light, long-finned blade to provide a good swimming environment and friendly neighborhood.



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