All in One Heat Pump Water Heater

An all in one heat pump water heater utilize the heat of the ambient air to heat water in the storage tank.

The all in one heat pump working principle is the same as an air conditioner in a reversed cycle. Using the refrigerant to absorb the heat from the air and then pressurized it in the compressor. The pressurized refrigerant then transfers the heat to the water in the storage tank just like what heat exchangers do.

And because of the all in one heat pump working principle by absorbing heat from the air and transfer it to heat water, it is also called an air source heat pump. It operates on electricity as a conventional electric water heater but with better efficiency of roughly three times higher. If using in a proper environment, it can save energy and money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Diagram. Workings of an all in one heat pump



The following steps are details for the all in one heat pump working principle:
1. The liquid refrigerant goes through the evaporator and picks up the heat in the air and then becomes gas.
2. The gas refrigerant is compressed in the compressor which makes the gas temperature increase to become hotter than the tank water.
3. The hot gas refrigerant goes into the condenser and transfers its heat to the water and turns back to liquid refrigerant.
4. The liquid refrigerant then passes through an expansion valve, during this process, its pressure will be reduced, which makes its temperature lower before entering the evaporator to repeat the cycle until the water in the tank reaches the set temperature.

Unlike the traditional electric water heater that utilizes electricity to heat the water directly, an all in one heat pump water heater uses electricity to drive the compressor and the fan. Therefore the heat pump water heater is highly efficient as it can transfer much more heat energy from the outdoor air to the water. The heat energy that is able to be transferred is depending on the outdoor air temperature. When the outdoor air temperature is higher than the refrigerant, the heat pump water heater will pick up the heat and transfer it to the water. The higher temperature the outside air is, the easier the heat pump water heater can heat up the hot water. When the outside air temperature decreases, there's less heat that can be transferred.

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