All in One Heat Pump

All in one heat pump, also called integrated hot water heat pump water heater, as one of the popular wholesale heat pumps around the world, is generally designed to meet the need of sanitary hot water for applications in kitchen or bathroom. It makes use of different types of CFC free refrigerants to absorb heat from the surrounding air to heat the water up with adjustable temperature between 30°C to 60°C. As all heat pump wholesale suppliers know, all in one heat pump consumes only 20-30% electrical energy of a conventional electric water heater, because it only consumes the electrical power to operate the compressor and the fan. It might be easier to understand that every 1kW electrical energy it consumes is able to generate 3 to 5kW heat energy.
FANTASTIC® mainly manufactures two types of all in one heat pumps to meet different users’ application.


This type of all in one heat pump is just like other wholesale heat pumps that need to be installed outdoor to ensure sufficient heat exchange efficiency.
This type of all in one heat pump can be installed indoor with ducting inside the house. Through the ducting, it can take heat from indoor air for hot water production and release the cool air generated during hot water production to cool the air indoor. This is perfect for laundry, garage, and basement etc.
Significant product features for heat pump wholesale
1. Microprocessor based LCD display digital controller
2. Setting water temperature range: 30-60°C
3. Famous brand rotary compressor with high efficiency and quiet operation
4. Environmental friendly R134A or R410A refrigerant
5. Safety and reliable, no potential danger of inflammable, gas poisoning, explosion, fire, or electrical shock
6. Simple Installation, no need for refrigerant pipe installation

Why Choose FANTASTIC® All in One Heat Pump
18-year experience
FANTASTIC® has manufactured and sold over 44,000 all in one heat pumps worldwide since 2002
Long life with famous brand high quality components
FANTASTIC®   all in one type equipped with good quality famous brand 2205 stainless steel or 316 or enamel inner tank, Copland or Panasonic compressor, 304 axial or centrifugal fan motor and fan blade, and so on
Super quiet
FANTASTIC® wholesale heat pumps using Inverter compressor, centrifugal or axial owl fan blade, you can’t hear it run from 10 feet away, virtually silent.
Save Money & High Performance
As the high COP of FANTASTIC®  all in one heat pump , it can heat the water for about 30% of cost of heating with gas and  75% of electric water heater , High COP means more energy saving.
Ex. $1 input - $ 4.1 of energy output at COP of 4.1

FANTASTIC® is capable of manufacturing and supplying even the largest liquid heating and cooling requirement for applications. We are looking forward to find potential partner all over the world to cooperate together. We are insisting on the strategy of:”Client service firstly and continuous development”, we will offer better product with best service to all the customers. For clients’ special design requirement, if the annual order quantity is above: 300pcs. We can offer one special design for you exclusively.

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