Analysis Of Indoor HVAC Heat Pumps And Heating System Of Swimming Pool

Many families have their own pools. No matter indoor or outdoor, today, FANTASTIC™ company  scientifically analyzes how we can get a comfortable swimming environment for your outdoor swimming pool or indoor swimming pool.

Generally, heating the swimming pool to 28 ℃ is a suitable water temperature for swimming. According to special requirements, it can also be heated to higher water temperatures or lower water temperatures.

In order to achieve this target temperature, the indoor and outdoor swimming pool practices are also different. The indoor swimming pool is a closed space, in addition to considering heating, it is also necessary to consider the feelings of HAVC on the human body. Let's analyze one by one:

First of all, the outdoor swimming pool does not have high requirements for HVAC, but the heating of the swimming pool is affected by the environment.
As we all know, the outdoor environment is the natural environment, with wind, rain, temperature and climate change. In the selection, in addition to considering the evaporation of the inner wall of the swimming pool itself and the water surface of the swimming pool, we should also consider the impact of wind on the evaporation and heat dissipation of the swimming pool. When you choose the swimming pool heat pump plus When it's hot, you have to take these factors into account to choose the right pool heat pump size. Generally, we suggest that customers add a pool cover to their outdoor swimming pool, which can reduce the impact of the outdoor environment when the pool is heated for the first time or not used.
FANTASTIC™, professional pool heat pump manufacturer, its swimming pool heat pump can be heated to 50 ℃ at most and cooled to 12 ℃ at least, and can be customized in special cases.

Then for the indoor swimming pool, the indoor swimming pool is a closed space, in addition to considering the pool heating, we need to consider the feeling of HAVC on the human body-

1. The humidity of indoor space (evaporation of swimming pool water or indoor swimming pool with sauna system, humidity has a great impact on human feeling and health)
2. The temperature of indoor space.
3. Indoor fresh air supply
4. How to save energy due to so many demands and huge power consumption

An indoor swimming pool needs a lot of energy to control indoor temperature, relative humidity and pool water temperature. At the same time, because of the evaporation of water, the indoor air contains high specific enthalpy. The indoor environment conditions, including space parameters and swimming pool temperature, are analyzed from the perspective of human thermal comfort and energy saving.

In this regard, we have 2 solution options:

Solution 1: According to different requirements to buy corresponding products, the lowest cost, very practical for a small indoor swimming pool, it's good for some not too big indoor pool

a. For indoor swimming pool heat pump dehumidifier, you can choose FANTASTIC™ professional indoor swimming pool heat pumps. FANTASTIC™, a professional swimming pool heat pump manufacturer, has sold this product for more than 18 years, which is quite professional, at a low cost. For a not very large indoor swimming pool, multiple heat pump dehumidifiers can be hung on the wall or placed on the ground to achieve results.


b. For pool heating, you can choose FANTASTIC™ professional pool heat pump, which is the most popular product of FANTASTIC™ company(professional pool heat pump manufacturer). It is very popular in cold Canada or separation, hot Middle East, Dubai and other regions.
c. For the indoor heating and cooling, you can choose FANTASTIC™'s evi variable frequency heat pump. This product can heat even in areas as low as - 35 ℃, and can also cool in places with a high temperature of 50 ℃. And with frequency conversion technology, it is very energy-saving.

Solution 2: choose FANTASTIC™ multi-function dehumidifier

FANTASTIC™ company is professional pool heat pump manufacturer and dehumidifier manufacturer, combine both technologies, this multi-function heat pump dehumidifier has established the heat and humidity gain model. The biggest characteristic of the multi-function heat pump dehumidifier is that it can not only recover the latent heat of indoor wet air, but also absorb the heat of outdoor air, and heat indoor air and pool water. One machine can meet the requirements of indoor temperature heating or cooling, indoor dehumidification, indoor ventilation, indoor new air, and indoor pool heating. With the ability of heat recovery, a multi-function heat pump dehumidifier can save electricity and achieve good results. One machine can meet all your requirements. 




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