7 Realities About Geothermal Heat Pump

  • 2022-01-06
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With the development of science and technology, the transmission speed of information is faster and faster. Everyone is exposed to all kinds of information input, which may lead to people receiving some wrong information.

7 Realities About Geothermal Heat Pump

Here are 7 Common Myths and Their Realistic Explanations

1. Geothermal heat pump does not have the ability to run parallel heating operations. But the fact is that heat pump system can customize the use of various operating systems, such as heating rooms, swimming pools, and even household tap water.

2. People believe that wind turbines and solar panels are more effective in saving money and electricity, but in fact, geothermal heat pump system increase the power saving of wind or solar energy.

3. A common misconception is that geothermal heat pump systems are unsustainable because they rely on electricity, but they actually use very little electricity compared with traditional heating and cooling systems.

4. Many people believe that the geothermal heat pump system may produce noise, rattling and grunting, but in fact, the sound produced by high-quality equipment is very small and can also be disguised as invisible sound.

5. When measuring geothermal heating and cooling heat pump system, a typical hesitation is that repair and equipment replacement will eventually be expensive, but if the system is well maintained and maintained regularly, the system will last for a long time, making it more cost-effective.

6. As the name suggests, people believe that geothermal heat pump systems can only be used for heating purposes, but in fact they can also serve as cooling.

7. Another misunderstood view is that when the equipment of the new era works in the filtration process, the geothermal heat pump system will quickly consume a large amount of water. In the filtration process, the water is used and returned in the cycle.

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