Difference Between Split Heat Pump And Monoblock Heat Pump

  • 2022-01-06
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More and more families choose heat pump to heat their homes. It is the eco-friendly solution. The working principle of air-water heat pump is to convert the energy in outdoor air into available heat, which helps to reduce heating costs by up to 60% and carbon dioxide emissions by 50%.There are two type of heat pump, one is split heat pump, the one is monoblock heat pump. What is difference between them?

Difference Between Split Heat Pump And Monoblock Heat Pump

Monoblock heat pump

The integral heat pump is similar to a boiler because it is a "one-piece" system, and all its components (except the hot water cylinder in the house) are located in a single unit outside the house.They are different from split system heat pumps because the components of the refrigeration cycle are located in the outdoor unit. Just connect the water to the back of the heat pump, and there is a wiring center in the indoor or outdoor unit for connecting the water pump, etc.

Split heat pump

As you might guess from the name, unlike integral heat pumps, split system heating pumps use multiple units. The condenser collects heat from the air and transmits the heated gas to the indoor device located indoors. This is where the incoming hot gas is used to heat water. The indoor unit can also accommodate your hot water tank.

The main difference between split and monoblock heat pumps lies in the required settings and devices. Although the monoblock heat pump only needs a separate outdoor unit, the split system heat pump needs both an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The integral heat pump heats the outdoor water, while the split system stores all the hot water indoors.

When it comes to choosing between split heat pump and integral heat pumps, it actually depends on the personal needs of your property. The monoblock heat pump has lower purchase cost and easier installation, but the operation cost is higher, because the heat pump must work harder to heat water from the outside and deliver it in. Since the split unit is included in the building, the operation cost is low, while the outdoor unit is usually smaller and quieter. However, the installation of the system is usually more complex.

Therefore, ultimately, the decision to use a split system heating pump or integral heat pump depends on your budget and the space and layout of the property. Usually, most families need an monoblock heat pump. For more complex installations, split system heat pump are an option because they can be installed 75 meters away from home, providing greater installation flexibility.

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