Does Dc Inverter Heat Pump Worthy of Investment?

  • 2022-01-07
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DC inverter heat pump become more and more popular all over the world. As one of leading heat pump inverter manufacturer, Fantastic company develop lots of inverter pool heat pump, inverter heat pump for house heating and cooling. More and more inverter heat pump wholesaler would like to order DC inverter heat pump. Why DC inverter heat pump get more market? Does it worthy of investment?

DC inverter heat pump is more energy-saving and power-saving. Since the running speed of the on/off heat pump compressor is fixed, if the temperature is too high or too low, the compressor can only be closed and turned on again through manual operation. In case of power failure (such as unstable voltage), the compressor will stop rotating. Frequent shutdown and restart will consume a lot of power and greatly shorten the service life of the compressor. The DC inverter heat pump can adjust the running speed of the compressor at any time, the compressor will not be opened frequently, and the power consumption is much smaller. More and more inverter heat pump wholesaler choose dc inverter heat pump.

Does Dc Inverter Heat Pump Worthy of Investment?

DC inverter heat pump has better temperature regulation speed and comfort. AC heat pump can only work at a fixed frequency, and the temperature regulation speed is relatively slow when starting; After the DC inverter heat pump is started, the working frequency is relatively high, it will quickly rise to the set temperature, and then reduce the working frequency to maintain the indoor temperature. Secondly, DC frequency conversion bears little stable voltage. Generally, the AC heat pump can only operate at the specified voltage, that is, the national household power grid voltage (220V / 1ph / 50Hz) or commercial voltage (380V / 3ph / 50Hz). DC variable frequency heat pump can operate in a wide voltage range of 130v ~ 280v, with low voltage requirements and wide application range.

Fantastic as one of heat pump inverter manufacturers, it adopts stepless inverter compressor, stepless inverter control system and brush-less fan motor and DC speed water pump. Not only can provide amazing energy saving, but also can be silent a low as a fridege,12dB(A) lower than traditional on/off heat pump.

All in all, DC inverter heat pump will become a trend in heat pump market due to its rapid heating, energy saving, low noise. It is worth to have DC inverter heat pump than on/off heat pump.

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