FANTASTIC Evi Air Source Heat Pump No Fear of Winter

  • 2022-01-07
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It’s an ideal living environment for many people to turn on the heater when it’s cold and have air conditioning when it’s hot. But everyone knows that ordinary heat pump with low efficiency working in the cold regions. If want to achieve heating in winter, you need to start electric heating. Electric auxiliary heating often leads to energy consumption large, indoor dryness and other problems. Until the advent and promotion of EVI heat pump, people began to enjoy the convenience and comfort of being warm in winter and cool in summer, and with high COP, the air source evi heat pump price become more cost-effective.

Fortunately, when studying the low-temperature heating performance of air source heat pump products, it was found that the introduction of enhanced air supplement (EVI) technology based on a quasi-two-stage compression cycle can significantly improve the above problems. Even in a low temperature environment of -15 ℃, the enhanced air supplement system can increase the system COP by 7.7% ~ 25.0% and reduce the exhaust temperature by 6.37-20.36 ℃.

FANTASTIC Evi Air Source Heat Pump No Fear of Winter

The EVI heat pump technology solves the problem that ordinary heat pump cannot operate or operate inefficiently in severe cold weather in winter. EVI air source heat pump technology, Firstly the compressor must be able to operate stably in an ultra-low temperature environment of -25 ℃ and maintain a high energy efficiency ratio. The internal structure of pipeline layout, pipeline insulation, system design must anti freezing. In addition, the defrosting time of the EVI heat pump should be short enough, and after defrosting, it can continue heating operation for more than 60-80 minutes, effectively reducing the heat loss of defrosting of the EVI air source heat pump.

FANTASTIC Evi Air Source Heat Pump No Fear of Winter

It’s not an exaggeration to look outside the house in the cold and the spring breeze inside. Just a set of FANTASTIC EVI heat pump, which has the following advantages:

1. The evaporator of the heat pump EVI adopts a window-opening design, which has a better evaporating effect and more energy-saving compared to a straight design!

2. The compressor of the EVI air source heat pump adopts Panasonic high-efficiency rotor compressor, which has higher energy efficiency and lower noise.

3. The electronic control of the heat pump EVI has increased the use of current transformer protection, which will protect the compressor when the current is high, effectively protecting the compressor, and greatly reducing the possibility of burning the compressor!

4. The wind blades are designed with a large inclination angle, and the noise is low, ensuring that the noise of the EVI air source heat pump at night will cause sleep disturbance to the user!

5. The heat pump EVI adopting an intensified frost design, specifically for high-humidity areas, quickly defrosting.

6. The EVI air source heat pump adds a liquid storage tank to return oil, which can effectively ensure the oil return of the compressor and reduce the malfunction caused by the lack of oil in the compressor!

7. The chassis of the EVI heat pump is designed with heating, drainage and heating, so that the condensate and defrosting water can be drained smoothly in winter!

8. Heat pump EVI using R410a refrigerant is environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, and has better energy efficiency at low temperatures.

9. The EVI heat pump AC contactor uses Schneider silver contacts, which will not produce sparks when it is closed, and is durable!

10. The heat pump EVI capillary shunt head adopts heat shrinkable heat insulation protection, which can be insulated and can reduce the friction between the capillary tubes!

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