Gas Pool Heater Vs Electric Pool Heat Pump

  • 2022-01-07
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No matter how nice of your swimming pool is, and nobody like to swim in cold water. If you live in cold area, maybe swimming in winter is a big problem. Nowadays there are two ways for heating the pool, one is gas pool heater, the other is electric pool heat pump. Does it better to have electric pool heat pump?

Gas Pool Heater Vs Electric Pool Heat Pump

Advantage for gas pool heater

1. Fast heating. The gas heater can faster heat your swimming pool to increase 1 to 3 degree in one hour. This means you can turn on the heat a few hours before jumping into a warm swimming pool.

2. Heating at low temperature. The freezing point of natural gas is very low, so it is a special choice to use it in colder climates. In fact, some pool owners use gas heaters to keep the pool open all year round!

3. Affordable upfront costs. The price of an uninstalled gas heater ranges from $1500 to $3000. Although this looks like a big change, it is still cheaper than other heating methods.

Advantages of electric pool heat pump

1. Long life. Even though there are many moving parts in the unit (such as fan, compressor, condenser, etc.), it should last for at least 10 years as long as you maintain regular maintenance.

2. Easy to install. Electric heat pump for pool are relatively easy to install, but should still be done by professionals because they require appropriate electrical connections to operate.

3. Energy saving. For those who like environmentally friendly products, using heat pumps for swimming pool will be your choice. Each year, you can expect to pay $1200 to $2400 in operating costs.

Gas heater is the choice of many pool owners because it is fast and can heat to a higher temperature than heat pump. If you live in a cool month and you still want to use your swimming pool, gas heater is the best choice. Electric heat pump for pool do a good job of heating water, but they are slower, more expensive, and require a warm climate to produce warm water - even so, the water temperature will not be higher than that of gas-fired water heaters. Having said that, if you are lucky to live in a warm climate all year round, in the long run, electric pool heat hump is definitely not a bad choice, it just needs more compromises.

Of course, some people choose to install two heaters in the swimming pool system at the same time. This is achieved by using a gas heater to heat the swimming pool and then using a heat pump to maintain this temperature level. when comparing swimming pool heaters, especially electric swimming pool heaters and heat pumps, they basically do the same thing, but they also have their own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to take the time to understand these differences and choose a pool heating solution that suits you.

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