Introduction of Geothermal Heat Pump System

  • 2022-01-07
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House heating and cooling takes high percentage of the household energy use all over the world. Geothermal heat pump, also call ground source heat pump, is the most efficiency type of heating and cooling system, you can consider to have it in your home system. Even it is very cold or hot outside, but the temperature underground is very moderate. Best geothermal heat pump use this constant ground temperature to keep your house heat or cool.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency tells, geothermal energy heat pump’s power consumption is about 45% less than air source heat pump power consumption and it is about 75% less than air conditioner.

In summer, geothermal heat pump system absorbs the heat energy from home and then transfer it to the cold surface. And in winter, the collectors absorb the ground heat and the liquid transmits the heat to geothermal energy heat pump, heat pump connect the heat energy and blow to the pipe system in your home.

Introduction of Geothermal Heat Pump System

There are Three Type of Heat Transfer Way for The Connectors and Ground

• Horizontal type: lastic pipes are placed in ditches four to six feet below the ground. The system works well when families or businesses have enough available land, as these systems may require up to 400 feet of ditches.

• Vertical type. the drilling rig drills 100 to 400 feet below the ground and places oil pipes. The system may be more expensive, but it has less impact on the existing landscape and can be used for smaller plots.

• Pond type. if you have a pond or lake wide and deep enough, pond system (also known as water source heat pump) is possible. The loop magnetic field is connected to the heat pump and placed at least eight feet below the water surface. This option may be the cheapest.

Geothermal heat pump system usually take higher cost than other heating system, this is because of the collector and dig or drill, but it have higher efficiency and short payback time. The cost different of the new ductwork and installation of connectors. When you build new house, it is good  choice to consider to install geothermal energy heat pump as the low running cost.

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