The Water Collected By Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

  • 2022-01-07
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What do you use for the drain water in the dehumidifier? Pouring it out? And it is very preciousness for water resource in the world. So let us have a look how we can reuse this water.

Does this water can be connected by swimming pool dehumidifier can be drunk? That is a question by lots of owner. The answer is No. Even for the plants or pets can not drink this water.

This water have heavy metals and industrial pollutions. You can check of the drunk water standard in the website. Most of the swimming pool dehumidifier supplier thinks that the water will not to drink, they do not need to use for food grade materials. That means when the water go through the swimming pool dehumidifier’s plastic and metal surface, it will leach plastic compounds and heavy metals like copper, aluminium, and possibly even lead into the water.

It will have lots of microorganisms. The water collected by swimming pool dehumidifier is stagnant, so the bacteria will live on the surface of water.

The Water Collected By Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

What is The Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Collected Water Use For?

1. Filling Irons

Maybe you will live in a hard water area, you need to fight for limescale. These carbonate deposit could damage a clothes which can not be repair. You can use this dehumidifier drain water to avoid this problem, It will not have such impurities.

2. Watering plants

If the plants are not for inedible, they are favor for the drain water from swimming pool dehumidifier. As it is soft and fairly neutral in PH. You can save lots of money by using the collected water instead of distilled water.

3. For cleaning

Please add some bleach in the water to kill off any microorganisms before you use the swimming pool dehumidifier drain water. You can use it to clean the floor or wash the cars.

4. Flushing toilets

It will need large amount of water to flushing toilets, if you thinks that use clean water is a waste. So the drain water from swimming pool dehumidifier is good choice for you. It also can save the water resource.

There is no reason that you do not reuse of the drain water of the swimming pool dehumidifier. Please do from now on.


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