Water Heater for Swimming Pool Extends your Swimming Season

  • 2022-01-07
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September is coming and the weather may get cooler, some may think it’s time to close the pool. Not so fast! You can extend your swimming season with a best heat pump water heater.

The heater extends your family's swimming season, so that everyone can enjoy swimming long after the sun sets or in autumn and winter. What is the best way to heat the swimming pool? There is many way for choice, such as water heater with pump, electric water heater for swimming pool, but the best way is heat pump water heater for swimming pool. which can provide energy and operation savings, is the best solution.

The NEW design Fantastic Pool Heat Pump is the choice for people who use their pool every day for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation. The swimming pool water heater for swimming pool is designed for long-lasting and intelligent operation of the swimming pool to keep your swimming pool water at the right temperature. The high-performance and energy-saving pool heat pump is quiet and economical, so that you can swim comfortably all year round.

Water Heater for Swimming Pool Extends your Swimming Season

In addition to heating your swimming pool or spa, you can also increase the heating effect by adding a cover to maintain a comfortable water temperature. When the swimming pool is not used, the use of the swimming pool cover can significantly reduce the heating cost by 50-70%. Read the swimming pool cover to save water and energy and learn about other benefits.

Did You Know? Heat pumps can also cool your pool.Water heater for swimming pool and best heat pump water heater quietly and economically maintain the ideal water temperature for the ultimate in comfort. They are high performance, energy efficient units with the industry’s only Ultra Gold corrosion resistant evaporator fin. They are also compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and servicing on new or existing pools.

Expert Tip! Whatever equipment you choose, be sure to have your heater or heat pump checked and maintained on at least an annual basis by your local pool pro. 

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