What The Cheapest Way To Heat A Swimming Pool ?

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Nowadays, many people advocate environmental protection and health. In order to keep up with the needs of the times, in the design and planning of swimming pools, many people aim at high efficiency and environmental protection, and heat pump for swimming pool is a very critical part of this. Under normal circumstances, the heat pump technology used in the constant temperature system of the swimming pool can be divided into two types: air source heat pump technology and geothermal heat pump technology. Here below we are going to compare air source heat pump system and geothermal heat pump system in different aspects in order to get conclusion about which system is better as heat pump for swimming pool.


Both air source heat pump and geothermal heat pump system, as important technologies of heat pump for swimming pool, has the advantages of environmental protection, green, low energy consumption, and simple operation and so on. Among them, the air source heat pump uses air as the main heat source, and drives the operation of the air source heat pump with the help of very little power engineering, and finally realizes the conversion of energy. However, because the air source heat pump directly uses the air as the heat source, and absorbs the heat for conversion, and finally completes the process of transportation.


In this process, the requirements for the ambient air temperature are relatively high, so the air temperature decreases in winter, and the air source heat pump technology alone is relatively ineffective in such cases. Meanwhile, the geothermal heat pump technology uses the temperature difference in the geothermal source to extract the temperature of the high temperature water, release it into the low temperature water area and control the release temperature, and finally achieve a constant temperature effect. Because geothermal heat pump system is using water or geothermal source which is with more stable temperature compared to the air, it has no limit by the outdoor air temperature.



Compared in practical application, the air source heat pump technology uses air as the energy source, the equipment is simple to build without water pipes, and the machine does not need to build an independent studio. The geothermal heat pump technology uses the water or geothermal source as the energy source. In the process of heat conversion, it is necessary to build an independent water pipe. Due to the high noise during operation, it is also necessary to build an independent studio and deal with its noise. Among them, when using geothermal heat pump technology in construction, it is necessary to select a geographical environment that is more convenient for groundwater exploitation. In contrast, the air source heat pump technology has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, no noise, and convenient construction.


The use of geothermal heat pump system and air source heat pump system as heat pump for swimming pool constant temperature will be compared. Among them, the geothermal heat pump equipment is expensive, and the equipment is large in size, and the laying of pipelines is also more complicated, which ultimately leads to a large investment cost. The price of air source heat pump equipment is relatively low, and the construction is convenient and simple. The project investment cost is small and the economic value is high.


When the swimming pool constant temperature system is established, to choose the suitable heat pump for swimming pool, one of the first issues to consider is security. If the security is not up to standard or the risk value is high, it is generally not used. When security and economy are basically the same, national policy support is also a key consideration. As a new type of clean energy, air fully complies with national policy requirements. Active use of heat pump technology as swimming pool constant temperature system equipment ensures technical compliance on the one hand; on the other hand, it also actively responds to the national policy call.

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