Which Is Better Air Source Heat Pump or Ground Source Heating ?

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What is the difference between an air source heat pump and a ground source heat pump ?

In the heat pump space, there are two main technologies that operate in similar ways but come from very different sources. The two options are air source heat pump  and ground source heat pump. Air source heat pump supplier uses ambient air outside the home. They extract heat from the air, compress it, and push it into the indoor ductwork. In cold climates, changes in the temperature of the outside air make this more challenging. On the other hand, ground source heat pumps go deep below the frost layer of the earth to use the more stable heat energy underground. 

Both systems use the same core heat pump technology, but the air source heat pump does have to work harder to extract a small amount of heat from the ambient air when temperatures drop below freezing. Ground source heating obtain heat from a more stable source. As a result, they are much more efficient at heating a home in the coldest winters, no matter how cold the outside temperature is. Then we will compare and analyze air source heat pumps  and ground source heat pumps from multiple latitudes:



1. Space

Air source heat pump wins. The external unit of an air source heat pump is located outside and is similar in shape and size to an air conditioning unit. It is connected to an internal unit that contains the circulating pump and hot water, and is usually smaller than a normal boiler. Ground source heating system absorb heat from the earth, so a network of pipes must be laid underground. Excavator/JCB access is required for the installation of these pipes. As a rough guide, this network will typically require twice the floor area of  your home (including multiple floors) to meet your home's heating and hot water needs (which require insulation).   

2. Cost

Air source heat pump wins. The installation cost of an air source system is much lower than that of a ground source heating. For ground source heating systems, landscaping and excavators are involved in the installation process, and no additional components are required in the air source heat pump system. However, both types of heat pumps can recover most of the energy savings, so it is necessary to analyze who is more energy efficient, and an important reason for the difference in their energy savings is energy absorption. For ground source heat pumps, the temperature of the water source is often kept at 10 -15°C, the energy obtained is stable, but not too high, and to the air source heating, if the ambient temperature is 20°C to 35°C, the energy-saving efficiency is perfect source heat pump.

Only in some very cold times, the energy saving of the air source heat pump is not as good as that of the ground source heating, but the installation cost of the ground source heating is much higher than the air source heat pump several times to dozens of times, because the installation of the ground source heat pump requires excavation, drilling and pipe laying of gardens are very expensive. Therefore, if the air source heat pump that can work at low temperature, such as the EVI inverter heat pump of FANTASTIC company( air source heat pump supplier with UL and A+++) , is indeed better than the ground source heat pump in terms of cost.    

3. Noise

Ground source heat pump wins. Air source heat pumps are as noisy as air conditioners, but planning permission ensures that external units are not placed anywhere that could disturb neighbours. In contrast, ground source heat pumps can operate almost silently.   

4.  Install

Air source heat pump wins. If an existing flue is available, an air source heat pump can be up and running in a few days, depending on the installer. Ground source heat pumps, on the other hand, can take weeks to get the pipes into the ground.      

In conclusion

All in all, there's very little to say which one is better. We recommend that you buy an air source heat pump from a air source heat pump supplier, especially the EVI Inverter Heat Pump from FANTASTIC, so you can rest assured. It takes up very little space, just like an air conditioner. It uses a DC fan motor to run almost silently. Using EVI frequency conversion technology, it can work at minus 30°C without any problem. The frequency conversion technology is also very energy-saving, which can help you save a lot of electricity bills. The key point is that its installation cost is also very low. And if you don't want to uproot your entire garden at the same time expensive installation fees. Then go for FANTASTIC's EVI Inverter air source heat pump air source system, it's fast to install and can be up and running in days, but it's still a regenerative heating system that doesn't release harmful gases locally.  

If you would like to take the next step and request a quote for a ground source heating or air source heat pump, please contact us as soon as possible at contact @fantaheatpump.com. One of our technical account managers will be in touch shortly to discuss your project and determine if we can What help is provided.

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