Basic Information for Pool Dehumidifying



Do you have an indoor swimming pool in your house? If your answer is yes, and you are thinking to maintain the correct air humidity in your pool room, the best pool dehumidifier manufacturer will definitely recommend having a pool dehumidifier.

As you may already know, humidity refers to the moisture or water vapor in the air. The water vapor is contained in the air and the warmer the air is, the more water it contains. In a pool room when the pool water is heated, the warm wet air from the pool water meets the colder air in the pool room, the water vapor condenses and forms condensation. Condensation can be easily found on a window. Of course, the window will not be damaged by condensates, but the window frame, roof, floor and wall will be because the condensates can soak shortly into these parts, giving rise to different problems such as corrosion, wood rot, mold and bacteria growth that results in an unhealthy and uncomfortable swimming environment. The best pool dehumidifier manufacturer suggests the ideal relative humidity to be between 60% and 65% for a pool room.

You may have a question about how to get the right-sized dehumidifier for your pool? The best pool dehumidifier manufacturer will suggest you take several things into consideration when selecting a swimming pool dehumidifier model.

* The area of the pool room
* The indoor temperature of the pool room
* The Relative Humidity of the pool room
* The water temperature of the pool

Furthermore, there are also other things that can do to reduce humidity. The pool room size and the airflow through it should also be taken into consideration. The best pool dehumidifier manufacturer will also suggest a ventilation system for big rooms. The ventilation system can remove the humid air in the pool room and replace it with outside air in order to reduce the operating time of the dehumidifier.
By now the easiest way to reduce the humidity in the pool room is to install a swimming pool cover and always cover it after using the pool.

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