Does Air Source Heat Pump for House Need Electricity?

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Does air source heat pump for house need electricity? I believe many consumers have such doubts. We will explain to everyone: Does air source heat pump for house need electricity? How does the home heat pump work?
The home heat pump need electric drive, but the electricity it needs is relatively little compared to electric water heaters.

The working principle of air source heat pump for house

Fantastic company technicians said that the home heat pump do not produce heat literally, but use refrigerants to realize heat transfer. There is a low-temperature refrigerant inside the home heat pump. Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant’s temperature below zero, so it can absorb heat from the air autonomously, and this heat absorption process does not consume electricity.

When the air source heat pump for house is working, under the suction of the fan, ordinary outdoor air enters the top cavity from the air inlet and flows through the heat exchanger.  At this time, the energy in the air is absorbed by the heat exchanger and transferred to the insulation water tank to heat the water.

In normal operation, the air source heat pump for house drives the compressor to do work for every part of electric energy input, and then absorb a large amount of heat energy from the outside environment temperature to heat the water. In other words, the main force that really heats water is not the input of electrical energy, but the free "heat" in the air.

How much can this free heating have? Generally speaking, when the air temperature is above 20℃, the heating energy efficiency COP of electric water heaters is about 0.95, while that of home heat pump can reach 4.0. Air source heat pump for house can save more than 75% of energy than electric water heaters. Take Fantastic home heat pump as an example, the COP values are all above 3.8, which is at least 60% higher than that of ordinary electric water heaters.



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