European Sales of FANTASTIC R32 Full-Inverter Pool Heat Pump Increased by 30%

With the greenhouse effect, summer temperatures in Europe are soaring year by year. This year's record high temperatures have broken through. In some areas, there are even news that the high temperatures weather is killing people. At this time, nothing is more comfortable than going to the swimming pool for a whole day? This summer, FANTASTIC R32 Full-Inverter Pool heat pump sales also increased by 30% over previous years. And increase sales to Macedonia!

European Sales of FANTASTIC R32 Full-Inverter Pool Heat Pump Increased by 30%

With the traditional pool heat pump, have you ever experienced the first heating or refrigeration takes a long time, defrosting takes a long time, can not give a faster heating or cooling effect? The summer of this era requires a stronger pool heat pump--FANTASTIC R32 Full Inverter Plus Pool heat pump

FANTASTIC R32 Full-Inverter pool heat pump, the world's first using FULL-INVERTER acceleration technology, according to different water temperatures and ambient temperatures, to find the most powerful and power-saving frequency points of the compressor and fan, through the frequency conversion operation of compressor and fan motor, break through and solved the weakness of traditional pool heat pump, FANTASTIC R32 Full-Inverter pool heat pump have much faster heating (or cooling ) speed on first heating time and normal operation, and much shorten the defrosting time. Energy efficiency is increased by 50%, instantly reaching the target swimming pool water temperature of customers. It saves electricity, is powerful, and very quiet.

More importantly, you can check or control your Full-inverter heat pump anytime and anywhere through intelligent Wi-Fi control. So the whole pool heat pump is in your hands and can be operated at any time.

About FANTASTIC R32 Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump:
1. R32 refrigerant
2. Inverter Plus by Full inverter technology (2-rotory inverter compressor and DC brush-less fan motor, and Fantastic inverter control)
3. COP Up To 15 by Full inverter technology
4. 50% Speed up Heating Time
5. Super Silent to 42 dB
6. Super speed on defrosting
7. Wifi Smartphone APP control remotely



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