Fight Against Covid - 19 together

Covid-19 has been around the world for a long time. Fantastic has been closely following the current events. We want to express our great concern to every partner we care about. It will be a very hard fight, but we work together and we will win.

Fantastic company is located in South China. The epidemic situation fell down early in March this year. In Zhongshan, the factory city of fantastic, there have been no new and suffering cases for many months, and production began in March.

We respond quickly and take appropriate actions when necessary to ensure the consistency of production, deliver your products and services to high standards, and ensure the safety of our employees and production processes.

In the interior, keep the product quality and production capacity unchanged, and take various preventive actions at the same time:

*There are strict guidelines for the safety distance of all personnel, limited meetings of large groups, continuous cleaning of hands, wearing masks in the workplace, and cleaning and disinfection of the whole facility.

*The employee must take a temperature test three times a day. If a person has a fever of 37.3 ℃ or higher, he or she will report to the hospital for further examination.

*Limited access for external visitors.

Externally, for customers, although we can't get close to and contact with each other directly, we can still provide fantastic services with today's Internet capabilities:

*by the internet, we can face to face, face to the factory, face to production situation, face to testing, face to the container loading, online !!



*New online services. Provide customers with online technical training and one-to-one remote troubleshooting services.

*New communication channels. Implement teleconference and network video conference.

Covid-19 will come to an end, but the market demand will never come to an end. Especially on the day of the end of the epidemic, the demand of all countries in the world must be a super crazy demand, and all governments must issue favorable policies to promote economic consumption. So don't worry. We can even prepare for the stock, place an order for us to prepare for you, and prepare for the arrival of the super crazy demand. Then, whoever has the stock can quickly occupy the market.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact our team, we stand together forever!

Fantastic Energy Saving Equipment Co,.ltd, a China heat pump manufacturer specializing in different kinds of HVAC heat pump and pool equipment. Fantastic focus on high-quality heat pumps, with advanced inverter technology, heat pumps are widely used in HVAC projects, Olympic pool projects.

As one of the professional China heat pump manufacturers, Fantastic own CE, ROHS certificate for Europe and SAA, C-Tick, standard mark for Australian. Also we are on the process of the ETL certificate for North America and ERP energy-saving certificate.

Fantastic swimming pool heat pump, HVAC heat pump has sold to more than 100 countries. We also cooperate with a worldwide leading heat pump company to develop new technology. Fantastic vision is to provide you more fantastic heat pump. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.



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