The geothermal heat pump is an excellent cooling device, which can efficiently complete the same work as the air conditioner. Unlike traditional air conditioners, geothermal energy reverses the cycle to heat in winter. Obviously, they compete with the most popular heater: natural gas stoves. So what are the advantages of geothermal heat pumps compared to traditional natural boilers? As a geothermal heat pump manufacturer with more than 18 years of production experience, Fantastic analyzes and compares the differences between geothermal heat pumps and traditional boilers.

Geothermal and natural gas
The basic problem between geothermal and natural gas boils down to fuel sources. Obviously, natural gas stoves use natural gas. Geothermal heat pumps use electricity. In many parts of the country, natural gas costs are very low. Using a natural gas stove is much cheaper than relying on an electric stove.



Of course, the operation mode of the geothermal heat pump is completely different from the electric furnace unit. The calculation of geothermal heating costs must consider the coefficient of performance (COP). Basically, COP said the geothermal heat pump is so efficient that it can obtain 300-400% efficiency from one dollar of electricity. This means that geothermal heat pumps can be operated very cost-effectively compared to any type of heating system.

Basically, the cost of geothermal heating will be as good as the production cost of gas stoves, and usually better. This means that geothermal heat pumps not only operate more efficiently than traditional air source units, but also have a higher overall heating efficiency than the best heating systems on the market.

Moreover, choosing a good quality, excellent performance geothermal heat pump, not only energy saving and environmental protection, but also have a comfortable life. Compared with other geothermal heat pump manufacturers, Fantastic has a professional technical team, rich production experience and excellent after-sales services that enable every customer to enjoy the benefits of geothermal heat pumps.

This doesn't mean you should rip out your furnace and replace it with geothermal. What it does mean is that when it comes time to replace your home heating and air system, make sure you keep your options open on geothermal heat pumps.



If you are interested in geothermal heat pumps and want to contact geothermal heat pump manufacturers for more professional advice, you can contact Fantastic, we will provide more detailed information and design solutions for you.



best geothermal heat pump 2021

Are you worried about which HVAC system to choose? Or you can consider installing best geothermal heat pump 2021, the most energy-efficient central cooling and heating system so far.


What is a ground source heat pump? Ground source heat pumps are divided into commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump, both of which work by using the heat/cold transfer of groundwater. In summer, the ground source heat pump pumps away the heat from your home, and then transfers the heat to the ground. After the heat is cooled by a heat exchanger, it cools down your house. In winter, it's the opposite.


What are the advantages of ground source heat pumps that we should choose?


Cooling and heating

Commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump are widely used in many fields, household, school, hospital, shopping mall and so on. It can not only be used as a central system to provide heating and cooling, but also be used for hot water heating and swimming pool heating. As a heating and cooling system, commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump require only low maintenance costs, because there are few wearing parts during use.


Endless resources

Compared with other energy-saving equipment, commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump can provide stable energy. For example, solar heating and cooling systems can only collect energy during sunshine hours. The wind system only operates on windy days. Due to the stable underground temperature, the geothermal heat pump always has a continuous source of energy, can always transfer energy, and constantly provide cold and heat for homes and shopping malls.


Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is an important consideration for many homeowners and businesses when choosing HVAC systems. On average, the efficiency of a geothermal heat pump is 400% higher than that of a traditional gas or oil furnace, and the efficiency of the latter can reach up to 75-98%. Overall, about 70% of the energy generated by the system comes from renewable energy sources. This is what the geothermal heat pump can achieve. This is one of the most efficient cooling systems on the market.


Long lasting, less maintenance

The main components of geothermal heating and cooling systems are buried, and they usually have a warranty of up to 50 years. Inside the home, the commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump unit has a service life of up to 25 years, which makes it one of the longest life systems on the market. Another benefit: Geothermal systems generally require less maintenance.


The average cost of commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump installations is often higher than traditional systems. However, saving energy, reducing maintenance costs, and energy-saving heating and cooling can offset the cost and even recover the cost during its life cycle. The life of the geothermal system is 25 years. If you are considering using a best geothermal heat pump 2021, please contact FANTASTIC. We are happy to talk about your options and provide an estimate. We provide all types of commercial geothermal heat pump and horizontal geothermal heat pump.

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