Geothermal Heat Pump Working Principle And Application

Geothermal heat pump technology is a technology that uses low-temperature and low-level heat energy formed by solar energy and geothermal energy absorbed by shallow groundwater and soil. It uses the heat pump principle to transfer low-level heat energy to high-level heat energy through a small amount of electrical energy output. In theory, with 1kW of electricity, it can provide up to 4.9kW of heat.


When heating is needed in winter, the ground source heat pump system collects natural heat from the ground through closed pipes buried underground, and then the heat is brought into the room by the circulating water in the loop. The compressor and heat exchanger driven by the ground source heat pump system installed in the room concentrate the energy of the ground and release it into the room at a higher temperature.


When cooling is needed in summer, this operation procedure is reversed. The ground source heat pump system will discharge the excess heat extracted from the indoor into the loop and be absorbed by the ground, so that the house can be cooled.


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