Heat Pump Hot Water System


Heat pump water heater applies the same technology to heat water up like heat pump works to heat the house. It uses electrical energy to transfer heat, not generate heat, which makes heat pump hot water system become much more energy-efficient than any other traditional electric or gas or oil water heater.

Heat pump hot water system uses refrigerant to extract heat from the air outdoor in order to heat the water up.

But the actual running efficiency gets from a heat pump hot water system depends on the system design, the installation quality, the average temperature of the system location, and the compressor unit location.

Generally, there are two types of heat pump hot water system:
One is a split system with an outdoor heat pump unit and an insulated hot water storage tank, the other is an all-in-one unit with a heat pump and water tank together.
A well-designed and properly-installed heat pump hot water system always use much less energy than conventional electric cylinders. Besides, the heat pump hot water system can work better for places that are not good for solar water heater such as places that get less sun.
What's more, some heat pump hot water systems can also provide central heating by pumping hot water from the hot water tank or buffer tank to an underfloor heating pipes system. Some other systems with special titanium heat exchangers can be applied to heat hot tub, spa or pool in a much cheaper way compared to using an electric heater for them.

There are also other issue need to be born in mind before you decide to install a heat pump hot water system.
Normally, the higher the air temperature outside, the more efficient a heat pump hot water system can run. If you live in a cold climate region, it's better to ask the heat pump hot water system supplier to confirm whether their system is designed to run in cold climates. Also, ask for the performance data at different conditions for the system you are considering to purchase. If the answer is no, then the system will need an electric element to equipped as a backup. This will make you failed to get the most energy-saving because systems that often need to use an electric backup will be much more expensive to run.
You also need to make sure whether it is right for your environment, because the heat pump water heater may require suitable protection against corrosion in the geothermal area or coastal area. It's better to ask professionals about considerations for your local environment.
Finally, the heat pump hot water system better set up correctly to make sure that the water in tank will be heated to 60oC regularly to prevent the legionella bacteria from growing.

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