How Can Commercial Heat Pump Save Money For Your Project?

In commercial engineering projects, the demand for hot water or cold water, or cold and warm water is very obvious. What is the most energy-efficient solution for hot water or cold water products?

It's a commercial heat pump.

Because the heat pump only uses electricity to generate electricity rather than heat, it provides very high efficiency. For example, the heat generated is directly proportional to the power consumption: one unit of heat is generated per unit of electric energy, and the efficiency is 100%.
With the heat pump, the efficiency will be greatly improved, because the electricity consumed is only used to provide power for two fans (evaporator and condenser), compressor and water pump, to concentrate the heat to the outdoor, and then to bring it home. The heat pump provides more than 3 units of heat per unit of electric energy, with an efficiency of more than 300%. The average winter temperature in Maine is 37 degrees, and the seasonal efficiency of superheat is about 285%
Many water heat pump suppliers only supply domestic water heat pump fantastic company, as a professional water heat pump supplier, has 18 years of experience in the commercial heat pump. No matter domestic hot water, indoor heating and cooling, pool heating, cold water application and other different commercial projects, FANTASTIC company's commercial heat pump has been working in many places in the world for many years.
Different from other water heat pump suppliers, fantastic's commercial heat pump with :

1.Wide Heating Capacity Range
The heating capacity of FANTASTIC Commercial heat pump is up to 175kW and larger. Suitable for different size of project demands, no matter for household or commercial

2.Centralized Control
FANTASTIC Commercial heat pump can control up to 16 units of the commercial heat pump at the same time by one controller comes equipped with centralized control that makes temperature adjustment and failure review much easier and more practical. By incorporating the master-slave control into the design, the whole units can work together with higher efficiency without interfered by any failure of the slave unit during operation.


3.Lower Running Cost Than Traditional Pool Heat Pump for option
As a top-leading commercial heat pump supplier, FANTASTIC commercial heat pump has precise energy stage settings that ensure the working unit to achieve the desired energy saving efficiently. The heat pump will change compressor using quantity as the real heat required by water inlet temperature .when need higher heating load, it will use full compressor quantity when water temperature close to target set temperature, it needs lower heating load, then will off some compressor and just use the compressor quantity as the real heat load.

4. Intelligent Curve Economical Control Mode
FANTASTIC commercial heat pump with intelligent working mode with winter heating curve control. According to the changes in outdoor ambient temperature, the heat pump will calculate and supply the most suitable water temperature automatically to save more energy and provide more comfortable and suitable heating /cooling.

FANTASTIC's commercial heat pump can be used in the house, apartment, villa, hotel, hospital, Spa, resorts, and so on.

FANTASTIC's goal is to become the world's largest and most professional commercial heat pump supplier manufacturer.



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