How Does A Heat Pump System Work?

A heat pump is a fantastic choice for residential, commercial, or industrial heating and cooling system, especially in moderate climates. As a heat pump system supplier, Fantastic provide heat pump that is used for heating or cooling by extracting heat from the environment and transferring it to another place. In wintertime, this means to extract heat from the outdoor air and transferring it indoor to provide warmth and comfort. In the summertime, this means to take heat from indoor air and transferring it outside. However, how does a heat pump system work?


Before a heat pump system supplier answering the question “how does a heat pump system work?”, there’s one crucial matter to understand: heat pump does not produce heat by itself – it transfers heat from one place to another. Furnaces generate heat to distribute throughout a house, but heat pumps absorb heat from the outdoor air (even under cold temperature) and transfer it indoors. In cooling mode, heat pump and air conditioner function the same, they absorb heat from indoor air and release it by the outdoor unit.

Some key factors should be considered when choosing which type of system is best for your home, including the size of the home and the local climate. Fantastic, as a heat pump system factory has the expertise to properly evaluate your specific demands and assist you to make the correct decision.

As a professional heat pump system factory, we would also like to introduce you to the main components of a heat pump system. Generally, an air source heat pump system consists of two major components, an outdoor unit that just looks like the outdoor unit of a split air conditioner, and an indoor fan coil or air handler unit. Both indoor and outdoor units contain various key components.

Outdoor units contain a compressor, fan, heat exchangers, etc. The heat exchangers operate as either a condenser or an evaporator in different working modes. The fan blows outside air over the fin heat exchanger to facilitate the water heat exchange.

The indoor unit is commonly referred to as the fan coil or air handler unit contains a coil and a fan. The coil functions as an evaporator in cooling mode or a condenser in heating mode. The fan is responsible for transferring air across the coil and delivering it to indoor air or throughout the ducts in the house.

Refrigerant is the substance that absorbs and rejects heat as it circulates throughout the heat pump system.

The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and moves it throughout the system.

Reversing Valve is the part of the heat pump system to reverse the refrigerant flow, which allows the system to operate in the opposite direction and switch between heating and cooling.

Expansion valve functions as a measuring device are to regulate the refrigerant flow as it passes through the system, which allows for a reduction of pressure and refrigerant temperature in the system.

All in all, A heat pump is a versatile and efficient cooling, and heating system no matter for household, commercial or industrial use.
As a heat pump system supplier, Fantastic can help to evaluate your heating and cooling requirements and recommend proper heat pump systems accordingly. Welcome to contact us for further information.

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