How Does An Air Source Heat Pump Work?

The basic principle of air source heat pumps water heater: It is mainly composed of compressor, heat exchanger, axial fan, heat preservation water tank, water pump, liquid storage tank, filter, electronic expansion valve and electronic automatic controller. After the power is turned on, the axial fan starts to run, and the outdoor air is exchanged by the evaporator. The reduced temperature air is expelled from the system by the fan. At the same time, the working fluid inside the evaporator absorbs heat and vaporizes and is drawn into the compressor. A low-pressure working medium gas is compressed into a high-temperature, high-pressure gas and sent to the condenser. The water forcedly circulated by the water pump also passes through the condenser. After throttling and cooling, the valve flows into the evaporator again. In this way, the heat energy in the air is continuously "pumped" into the water, which gradually raises the temperature of the water in the thermal insulation tank to about 55 ° C. This is the basic working principle of air source heat pump water heaters.


Fantastic is one of the biggest air source heat pump suppliers, as a China air source company, continuously provide customers with quality products and services, and provide customers with personalized designs and recommendations for the air source heat pump program, customer knows clearly how expensive are air source heat pumps and make the best choice for his project.


Features of FANTASTIC Commercial air source heat pump water heater:

1.Wide Heating Capacity Range
The heating capacity of FANTASTIC water to water heat pump is up to 175kW and larger. Suitable for different size of project demands, no matter for household or commercial.


2.One Heat Pump with Multiple Use
FANTASTIC air to water heat pump can supply room heating /cooling and domestic hot water.


3.High Efficient & Energy-Saving
FANTASTIC advanced heat pump technology can realize low operation cost. Electricity cost is only 75% of the electric water heater.


4.Intelligent Curve Economical Control Mode
Intelligent working mode with winter heating curve control. According to the changes in outdoor ambient temperature, the heat pump will calculate and supply the most suitable water temperature automatically to save more energy and provide more comfortable and suitable heating /cooling.


5.FANTASTIC Spiral Type High Efficient Heat Exchanger
FANTASTIC spiral type high efficient heat exchanger is with increased heat exchanger area to improve the heat transfer ability and evenly distribute over the surface of the copper, reducing water film, and improving efficiency.


6.Super-Heat Management
FANTASTIC EVI heat pump increases the heating capacity and extends the operating life by TEV, and increases COP and limits the discharge temperature under safe level by EEV, and lower the defrosting time to make heat pump put more time on heating and more energy-saving.



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