How Much Does A Ground Source Heat Pump Cost?

Ground source heat pump also called a geothermal heat pump, is an electrically powered cooling and heating system that transmit heat between the earth and the house by moving fluid through long loops of ground pipe. It's important to mention that heat pumps don't generate heat but rather moves it round. Ground source heat pumps can be integrated into existing systems like radiant floor heating or traditional forced air. It can also be installed in a newly built structure. The specific size of a ground source heat pump, as well as the size of the ground loop required, is dependent on the cooling and heating requirements in a home. Essentially, the capacity of geothermal systems is usually measured in tons. For an average home, a 3-ton installation will be ideal. However, it is crucial to mention that apart from the size of the home, there are other factors that determine the correct size of geothermal heat pumps for a home. All these factors also contribute to the ground source heat pump cost that a homeowner can expect to spend during installation.

Ground source heat pumps differ in size and complexity, so pinpointing a typical cost is tricky.   The payback period (the time it takes for the initial cost of the system to be recouped in energy savings) is also difficult to predict. This is because it depends on how efficiently your system works, the type of system you're replacing, whether you qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, how well insulated your home is, how efficiently you use the system's controls, and how you'll be using the heat generated from the pump.

Should I buy one? 

Although the initial cost is high, it has low operating costs. This is because less energy is being consumed in the home, which automatically means low utility costs for the home. There are many advantages of a ground source heat pump:

1.Low Operating Costs
2.Renewable Energy

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