How To Choose The Best Air To Water Heat Pumps?

Air to water heat pump should be selected according to the capacity of the water tank. 3 ~ 4 people recommend 150L, 4 ~ 5 people recommend 200L, 5 ~ 6 recommend 300L; as for the all-in-one or split machine, it depends on the installation space and other conditions.


Air to water heat pump heating/cooling capacity, the selection needs to be determined based on the heating area, floor height, wall insulation, door and window insulation and sealing of the house. Generally, the heating capacity of 1P is 15-20 square meters.


The choice of air to water heat pump brands is based on their own needs and local brand conditions. Traditional appliance brands, related brands in transition, and professional heat pump brands are recommended by professional air to water heat pump manufacturers.


FANTASTIC company not only have professional experience in engineering design to choose the best air source heat pumps, and provide professional solutions for customers, but also with 18 years of professional production of heat pump, absorbing technology and components from the Panasonic air to water heat pump, DAKIN air source heat pump, and so on that many air to water heat pump worldwide to design and create the best heat pump - Full inverter air to water heat pump, Full inverter swimming pool heat pump, EVI inverter heat pump,2-Stage high-temperature heat pump, and so on,  Up to now, the FANTASTIC success the bidding projects of heating and cooling air to water pumps Israel and air to water heat pumps Vancouver, the best of 2020 air to a water heat pump is hydronic air to water dc heat pump in the market.

 FANTASTIC is focus on this technology more than 10 years of experience, and have bulk order from New Zealand, Chile, Australia and other customers all over the world.

FANTASTIC company is committed to providing a DC inverter heat pump with the best quality and the highest performance, the most preferential price to our customer.



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