How To Choose Right Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pump ?

The heat pump system is the most effective tool to solve the problem of swimming pool heating. A suitable air source swimming pool heat pump can save 65%-70% of the cost of other heating equipment. In addition, the air source swimming pool heat pump is a very environmentally friendly product, so it is favored by consumers and is becoming increasingly popular in the market. So how to choose the right air source swimming pool heat pump for your swimming pool ?





Here are the factors you should consider :

1. Energy efficiency ratio COP

COP is the ratio of heating capacity to power consumption. The higher the COP, the higher the heating efficiency of the heat pump water heater and the more electricity saved. The COP of a heat pump system is usually affected by the following three conditions: air temperature, water temperature and humidity. For example, a swimming pool heat pump with a COP of 8 means that it can convert 1kW of electricity into 8kW of heat to heat the swimming pool under the conditions of an air temperature of 15°C, a water temperature of 26°C, and a humidity of 70%.


2. The size of the pool

We can choose the appropriate air source swimming pool heat pump model according to the volume of pool water. The size of a swimming pool is usually measured in cubic meters (m3. For a rectangular or square pool, 1000 liters = 1 cubic meter. For other curved swimming pools, 1000 liters = 0.78 m3 (round swimming pool) = 0.89 m3 (elliptical swimming pool) = 0.85 m3 (bean-shaped swimming pool).


For example, for a circular swimming pool (length x width x height = 5m x 5m x 2.5m), we should calculate the size of the pool as follows: Length x Width x Height x 0.78 (Note: 0.78 is the radian value of the circular pool). Therefore, 5m x 5m x 2.5m x 0.78 = 48.75m3, or 48,750 liters.

3. Heating capacity

The heating capacity of the air source heat pump water heater is a key factor. Generally, 1kW can heat 6.5 to 7 cubic meters of swimming pool water (under standard conditions). Assuming that a swimming pool with a swimming pool cover is heated at 8-10 degrees Celsius, when the temperature is 26 degrees, each cubic meter of water requires 0.4kW of heat; when the temperature is 15 degrees, each cubic meter of water requires 0.3kW of heat to heat .


4. Use of swimming pool cover

If you are considering installing a heat pump system for your own swimming pool, it is recommended that you consider using a swimming pool cover. It is very practical and can avoid the heat loss of the pool water (especially at night) and reduce the heat loss by 50%. If there is no swimming pool cover, you need to choose a heat pump water heater with stronger heating capacity (the heating capacity is about 35% stronger). For a 30m3 swimming pool with a swimming pool cover, a heat pump system of 9.0-12.0kW can be used. But if you have a swimming pool of the same size without a swimming pool cover, you should choose 12.15-16.2kW air source swimming pool heat pump water heater.


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