How To Choose The Right Heat Pumps For Swimming Pools?

Choose the correct size of the swimming pool heat pump. How big heat pump for swimming pool exactly, we need 3 steps to choose the right heat pump for swimming pools :


Step 1: calculate the surface area (pool length x pool width)

When you decide which size of the pool heater to buy, the first step is to calculate the surface area of the pool. Many pool owners think that you use the number of gallons in the pool to determine the size of your water heater. In fact, some sites do use gallons. I mean, the size of the gallon is very important, just in a roundabout way. Let's think so. If you have a pool with a larger surface area, there will be more room for heat to be released, and then more water to be heated. Therefore, heaters need to be large enough to compensate for surface area and pool size. So the surface area is the most important factor.

To calculate the surface area of the pool, multiply the length by the width


Step 2: divide your surface area by 3 (surface area / 3)

Once you've determined the surface area of the pool, divide it by three. The answer is the recommended minimum BTU size for a specific surface area. Continue with the example above, using a 15x30 pool, divided by 3, to get 150. Therefore, a minimum heater size of 150000 BTU is recommended for a 15 x 30 pool.

Remember, this is the recommended minimum size. It means I won't be lower, but I may need to be higher. Because many factors need to be considered, such as an outdoor swimming pool or indoor swimming pool, whether there is a cover or not, because the wind has a great impact on the heat loss of the swimming pool, and the floor and wall inside the swimming pool will be radiating heat. The work of the swimming pool heater is to supplement the heat loss on the surface of the swimming pool. Most of the heat loss occurs at night. Without the sun covering, there is no way to make up for the loss. A higher heating pool heat pump is needed.


Step 3: consider your variables

Now that you have absolutely the smallest BTU recommended for your pool, you have to decide if you need to go bigger. If so, how big? Before making a decision, consider all variables that may affect the efficiency of the heat pump, such as having a cover, wind speed, and swimming frequency.

For a 15 x 10 (meter) pool, I may recommend the model FPHC250T3 or FPHC300T3, depending on the customer's preference. This explains heat loss, evaporation and unexpected high winds. It also adapts to the pool owners who like to swim at night.


Why Choose FANTASTIC® Pool Heat Pump?

FANTASTIC® R32-R410 Pool heat pump Series is your best choice for pool heating- cooling

With refrigerant R32 and COP of 5.7, FANTASTIC pool heat pump has high efficiency for both pool cooling and heating, it is the best pool heat pump for Australia, Europe, North America, South Africa, and with SGS certificate, CE certificate, ETL certificate, and LOA report.

And the pool water temperature can be set to 50℃ for spa heating by FANTASTIC® swimming pool heater centurion

Not only a highly efficient pool heat pump,energy-saving pool heat pump, FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump but also is very convenient to be controlled by Wi-Fi phone remotely

FANTASTIC® pool heat pump is made by famous brand's components, patent high-performance titanium heat exchanger with spiral coil design, and also uses Emerson EEV, Panasonic and Copland compressor, Emerson or CAREL controller.and so on.

FANTASTIC® is a professional swimming pool heat pump manufacturer for OEM distributor of different market, have more than 18 years experience since 2002, has manufactured and sold over 105,000 units for swimming pool heating port worldwide.

Also can contact us and tell us that: pool size, indoor pool or outdoor pool, what's the swim time and ambient temperate, with a cover or without cover, we can give your swimming pool heat pump sizing, swimming pool heat pump installation and heat pump prices for swimming pools as your order quantity for your mini pools or for big inground pools or spa heating and cooling. 



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