How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Dehumidifier For Indoor Swimming Pool?

Why install a pool dehumidification system in indoor swimming pool?
There is a high degree of water evaporation in indoor swimming pool, especially in the case of air temperature rise, which will lead to high indoor humidity and air depression.
If you don't control the humidity, you will feel uncomfortable in the indoor swimming pool, and the subtropical climate may cause cardiovascular problems. In addition, condensation on metal fixtures, exterior walls, or glass surfaces can cause mold formation, corrosion, and mold formation. When this happens, it can eventually lead to damage to buildings, expensive refurbishment and business disruption.
An effective air pool dehumidification system, actively reducing humidity level, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for tourists and staff, while helping to maintain buildings

Basically, indoor swimming pools can be dehumidified in two ways: using refrigerant pool dehumidifiers or multi-function ventilation pool dehumidifiers.

Dehumidification with refrigerant pool dehumidifier
For small swimming pools in private homes, hotels or hot spring centers, a dehumidifier is usually used to circulate air and condense water through an evaporator coil. This type of dehumidifier is called a refrigerant dehumidifier.
The refrigerant pool dehumidifier includes a fan, evaporator, condenser and compressor.


How does the refrigerant swimming pool dehumidifier work?


In a refrigerant dehumidifier, the wet air is directed through a cold coil (evaporator in the cooling unit), and the water vapor in the air condenses into water.

The working principle of the cooling device is to let the refrigerant evaporate at low pressure and low temperature in the evaporator, and then condense at high pressure and high temperature in the condenser on the other side of the compressor.

In some types of refrigerant dehumidifiers, if air quality and comfort need to be considered, or due to dehumidification needs, some outdoor dry air can also be inhaled (up to 30%).

The refrigerant dehumidifier generates energy due to the condensation process and the power input of the compressor and fan. The heat contribution of the refrigerant dehumidifier is very large and should be included in the calculation of the total heat loss.

Advantages and disadvantage of refrigerant pool dehumidifier

The refrigerant dehumidifier is easy to install and use, and the investment is relatively small.
Its disadvantage is models choose is not too big, only suitable for indoor swimming pool not too large.


What is a multi-function ventilation pool dehumidifier?

Multi-function ventilation pool dehumidifier also named Swimming Pool Multi-function Pool Heat Pump, it combines not only space dehumidification by ventilation, but also can indoor Pool water heating, indoor space cooling and heating, provide 100% fresh air,  intelligent ventilation in one unit by precise integration control.


In a ventilation solution, replace air partially or completely. It is best to recycle some of the airflows so that it circulates between 0% and 100% of the air as required. The airflow is mixed in the mixing part of the dehumidifier.

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-function ventilation dehumidifier

Ventilation dehumidifier has many advantages. It provides the best adjustment of humidity and temperature so that the outdoor air can replace up to 100% of the air.
It also offers free cooling and active cooling options.
The disadvantage is that compared with condensing dehumidifiers, the investment is larger and more space is needed. Suitable for the large indoor swimming pool.

What should you choose?


Small swimming pool and Spa
Few people want a lot of outdoor air. In this case, people often choose the refrigerant dehumidifier because of its small investment and simple use.
Medium and large swimming pools, private swimming pools or hotels.
According to the following factors, you can choose between a refrigerant dehumidifier and multi-functional ventilation dehumidifier:
Outdoor air volume requirements
1. comfort level
2. Budget scale
3. If there is a strong demand for outdoor air volume and comfort, and the budget is large enough, it is often advantageous to choose the ventilation dehumidifier.
Large public swimming pool
Due to the number of users, the demand for outdoor air volume often means that the ventilation dehumidifier is the best solution.
But if the outdoor air is more humid than the indoor air for a long time, the refrigerant dehumidifier is selected.

To learn more about refrigerant dehumidifier and multi-function ventilation dehumidifier, please refer to to select to view the product or contact us directly:

Why choose FANTASTIC®  Pool Dehumidifier?


Specifically designed for indoor pools - According to the characteristic indoor pool, all parts of FANTASTIC®  indoor pool dehumidifier design with anti-corrosion consents on the casing, fan motor, and scream line designed casing lead well the moisture for absorption,  and set with ± 5% humidity control for dehumidifying thoroughly. 

Save money - By high performance + smart control, same energy but faster to finish the dehumidification than other dehumidifiers: FANTASTIC®  indoor pool dryer with a high efficient heat exchanger that 0.1mm hydrophilic aluminum foil heat exchanger prevents debris from sticking to it and is 30% larger than usual and trapezoidal internal thread copper pipe improve its higher performance.

Long-life - With good quality components: 12~15 years - FANTASTIC®  indoor swimming pool dryer is consists of 304 stainless steel fan motor and plastic cabinet, all anti-correction and famous Panasonic R410A compressor provide good dehumidify service.

Super Quiet - FANTASTIC swimming pool dehumidifier with Thin, light, long-finned blade to provide a good swimming environment and friendly neighborhood.

Remote control - FANTASTIC indoor swimming pool dehumidifier would provide wire display controller + remote controller by free, more convenient and easy to control.



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