How to Decide Whether A Water Source Heat Pump Can Work for You?


Water might not spring to mind as a way to get heating and hot water for your home or business - but Fantastic™, as one of the water source heat pump manufacturers, must tell you that it's certainly an option for some customers.

Of course, the most common type of heat pump by now is an air source heat pump - which is suitable for more homes involving less equipment. But still, water source heat pump supplier who recommend water source heat pump for customers whose houses have access to a considerable quantity of water as it is a more niche renewable technology. And there are also customers who look for water source heat pump suppliers by themselves to provide a suitable product for their own houses as they already know the benefit of it.

Therefore, as a professional water source heat pump manufacturer, Fantastic™ would like to give a reminder about the water source heat pump before you install one.

There are other factors to consider that are specified by the water source heat pump supplier:

1. Do you have sufficient water for the system?  
Without sufficient water source, the temperature of the water will be lowered by the heat pump to a certain point which will make the system running very inefficiently, or even worse, the water source freezes. You need a river, lake or large pond near your home. The more heat you need to generate for your house, the larger the water source you need.
2. Is a water source heat pump compatible with your home?
Your home must be near the water source, and with enough space to lay pipelines between the water source and your house. Besides, you need room indoor for the water source heat pump system. You also need to make sure it's away from where its low humming noise, made when switching on and off, won't annoy anyone.
3. Is a water source heat pump compatible with your existing heating distribution system?
If you would like to get the maximum heat and financial benefit from a water source heat pump, your home must be well-insulated. You should also check with a professional installer to see whether it can work with your current distribution system (radiators, fan coils, etc).
A heat pump is generally more cost-effective than electric or coal heating systems. But in some regions, it is not generally such an economical replacement for gas central heating systems – although they do have lower carbon emissions. This requires a detailed survey before you decide to install one.
4. Do you need planning permission from local authorities?
In most regions, the local authorized planning department may consider water source heat pump as 'permitted developments', so they are allowed to be installed without specific planning permission if they're within the land boundaries of your country. However, in some regions, there might be certain restrictions, so it's very important to check with your local authorized planning department to see if you need to require certain permission before you install one.

If you are just looking for a professional water source heat pump manufacturer, welcome to contact us! We are here ready to provide our best to support you at any time.
Why choose FANTASTIC® water to water Heat Pump?

18 years experience - FANTASTIC® company( has manufactured over 35,000 water to water heat pumps worldwide.

Affordability - Save energy & high performance  - As the high COP of FANTASTIC® geothermal heat pump, it can heat the water for about 30% of the cost of heating with gas and  75% of electric water heater, High COP means more energy saving.
Ex. $1 input - $ 4.6 of energy output at COP of 4.6.

Long life with famous brand high-quality components - CAREL controller and CAREL expansion valve for option, Copland or Panasonic compressor, SWEP plate heat exchanger, and WILO water pump, and so on. All the heat pump equipped with famous international brand components, and we also can manufacture the casing with stainless steel, and much experience on titanium heat exchanger heat pump for someplace where water quality is pool or water requirement is special.

Wide models range - We can design and make from resident to commercial ground source heat pump up to 350 kW or bigger as your actual pool situation.



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