How To Make The Heat Pump Better With Inverter Technology?

For decades, the central air conditioning system and the furnace have done a good job in meeting the needs of homeowners, while the performance of the heat pump has surpassed them in two aspects: efficiency and versatility. However, the heat pump still has a lot to improve.
But now, the heat pump is even better than before due to the variable-speed compressor and smart inverter controller. We will discuss all the details below by explaining the role of inverter technology, how it helps improve efficiency, and more details.

Technical description of inverter
When you run a normal heat pump, it cycles between on and off. It will turn on for a while and turn off when the temperature is low enough at home. As the air gradually returns to the outdoor temperature, the heat pump is turned on again.
However, it is not so effective. Imagine if you drive a car that can only switch between 0% or 100% acceleration, not between the two. 100% acceleration will definitely get you to the end, but it's excessive. Instead, you will gradually put your foot on the accelerator and only supply the gas you need.
This is the demand for inverter technology. Variable speed compressor with inverter drive allows your heat pump to operate in the range of 0 to 100%. It does this by analyzing the temperature and environment of the analyst, and then adjusts its output to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Inverter technology improves overall efficiency
Noninverter heat pumps are much less efficient because they cannot control the energy output, but this is not the only way to lead to inefficiency. They also put more pressure on the system than necessary.

Take the short bike for example. This is a problem when the switch of the air conditioner or furnace is too frequent. Starting the air conditioning system from a dead machine requires more energy than running the system continuously, and even adds extra loss to the system.

In other words, the less you need to start your heat pump, the better. Inverter speed regulation helps the system run more evenly and efficiently, thus reducing the number of cycles.

Effective heating, although the temperature is negative
An ordinary inverter heat pump can work above - 20 ℃, but the lower the temperature is, the greater the load of the compressor will be. Although inverter heat pump for heating will be more powerful than ordinary on/off heat pump, and the heating capacity will also drop, so if it works at low temperature, new technology must be added: EVI. The combination of EVI technology and inverter technology can make the heat pump stable and effectively improve the heating capacity at low temperatures. The EVI inverter heat pump of FANTASTIC company can make the unit work at - 15 ℃ and provide the same good heating capacity as that at 7 ℃ under normal temperature, so that the user can be more familiar with it, and the life of the heat pump is longer and the heat is stronger.

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Why Choose FANTASTIC® EVI Inverter Heat Pump?

Stable operation under -35 ℃ ambient - FANTASTIC® EVI inverter heat pump with smart EVI inverter control way and EVI structure could work under ambient temperature range: -35 degree~43 degrees.

18 years experience - FANTASTIC® company has manufactured and sold over 65,000 EVI DC inverter heat pumps worldwide and the EVI inverter heating heat pump certified with CE, ROHS for Europe and ETL for North American market.

Long life with famous brand high-quality components - CAREL control for option- FANTASTIC® EVI inverter heat pump equipped with CAREL controller and CAREL expansion valve for option, Panasonic compressor, SHIBAURA inverter fan motor, and WILO water pump, SWEP plate heat exchanger, and with an element under button plate, and so on. All the heat pump with famous international brand components.

4 Core Full Inverter - FANTASTIC® EVI inverter heat pump is a full inverter heat pump, not only with inverter compressor, but also with inverter controller and DC fan motor, DC water pump, It's a super perfect heat pump that all main components are the best quality, highest efficiency, lowest noise.

Super quiet - FANTASTIC® heat pumps using Inverter compressor, DC fan motor and owl fan blade, DC water pump, you can't hear it run from 10 feet away, virtually silent

Save Money & High Performance  -

A.50% Speed up Heating/Cooling Time
FANTASTIC® DC inverter EVI heat pump can quickly pick and choose the best the operating frequency of the compressors and fan motor and heat pump EEV opening automatically according to the heating or cooling demand by smart inverter control technology for the first heating, inverter fast heating can save 50% heating time than the traditional heat pump.

B.Superior heating ability
FANTASTIC® company's unique EVI + DC Inverter Technology can control well the frequency and EEV as the ambient temperature and water temperature and the refrigerant volume of the major loop of the refrigerant system, even ambient temperature is under -15 °C, heat pump still keeps same rated good heating capacity output without any element heater.

C.High Cop and 30% energy-saving more than a transitional heat pump
FANTASTIC® EVI inverter heat pump with inverter compressor and DC fan motor, and PFC control method, the heat pump can regulate the operation capacity. With no frequent start-up and stop running, the heat pump work in stable condition with high efficiency. The emery consumption is 30% less than that of a traditional heat pump. And with Intelligent curve control and, any weather available, meet the needs of summer cooling, winter heating and hot water throughout the year.



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