How to Perform Preventive Maintenance for Your Water Fan Coil System?



Have you ever performed maintenance on the water fan coil system in your house? As a professional fan coil unit factory, Fantastic™ must advise you that this is essential for maintaining your indoor air temperatures. If a water fan coil malfunctions, it will not raise or remove heat from air indoor, thus will leave you to code in winter or hot in summer.


Water Fan Coil System Preventive Maintenance

The preventive maintenance schedule of your water fan coil system depends on the specific conditions of your unit system. If you are not sure how often the preventive maintenance should be performed, Fantastic™, as a specialized fan coil unit factory, has engineers who can provide appropriate services.



Water Fan Coil Maintenance Basics


1. Before performing any maintenance on the water fan coil, proper lockout and tag out procedures should be followed, in order to prevent the system from operating during maintenance.
2. The following should be included for the maintenance procedures: inspecting both the inside and outside of the unit; removing all visible dust and debris, especially on the fan motor and fan blades. The blades become unbalanced or the motor function impeded is mainly caused by excessive dust.
3. During each time of preventive maintenance, the filter should be changed.
4. If the fan coil unit is with oil tubes, all the moving parts should be lubricated to ensure that they can move freely. If it is not with oil tubes, proper procedures on lubrication should be consulted from the operating manual or the fan coil unit factory.
5. Once the maintenance is finished, the unit should be properly closed and sealed and tested. If it does not properly operate, you need to call the professional for a repair.


Preventive Maintenance Checklist Should Include Everything Below

1. Power off the water fan coil.
2. Inspect the inside and outside of the unit.
3. Examine the fan for its movement, its wear or tear and dust. Remove the dust and dirt by a vacuum.
4. Replace the filter.
5. Lubricate all moving parts except for the ball bearings.
6. Replace the dry, cracked or frayed belts.
7. Call a professional if the motor is in disrepair with odd sound, vibration or if it is not operational.
8. Keep a record of all the performed maintenance procedures on appropriate maintenance paperwork.


To learn more or need to replace your water fan coil system, contact us at any time. Fantastic™, a professional fan coil unit factory always here to provide you reliable, professional, different, fantastic service.



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