Inverter pool heat pump: seize the opportunity in the crisis

The epidemic has caused a severe impact on the global economy, and many industries have suffered heavy losses. However, there are still some industries bucking the trend and achieving cross-domain development. Such as telecommuting, online entertainment and online shopping are growing rapidly. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic and increased awareness of people's fitness, the private inverter pool heat pump industry is also showing a growth trend.

Compared with the traditional fixed frequency swimming pool heat pump, the inverter pool heat pump could adjust the operating power of the inverter pool pump to avoid running at a fixed power, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy. It is understood that factors such as the energy consumption ratio, noise reduction function, and season of use of inverter pool heat pump are the focus of current consumers when choosing inverter pool heat pump. Based on the above consumer demand, inverter heat pump supplier also constantly innovating technology, aiming to provide consumers with the ultimate swimming experience. So, what is the current development stage of the inverter pool heat pump industry? What are the main technologies the inverter heat pump supplier innovated already?

Inverter pool heat pump technology + intelligentinverter pool pump control system

For high-end inverter pool heat pump consumers, ensuring the use of swimming pool functions anytime anywhere and achieving extremely simplified operations are a major prerequisite. Personalized and intelligent control systems will be an important trend in the technological development of inverter heat pump supplier. Based on the omni-directional thinking of user experience, Fantastic, one of the definers of the inverter heat pump supplier, has launched a truly intelligent one-stop solution, that is the perfect combination of full DC frequency conversion technology and intelligent control system to open the era of intelligent heating in the inverter pool pump industry.

Fantastic's inverter pool pump have been leading the global inverter heat pump supplier in terms of energy-saving and silent effects. In addition, Fantastic also uses technological innovation to empower products, support intelligent defrosting, fault notification, over-temperature protection, automatic shutdown and other functions, and can realize remote WIFI smart control on mobile phones, easy to check the inverter pool pump heat percentage in real time, and set the corresponding mode to meet immediate needs. For example, in silent mode, you can enjoy an ultra-quiet swimming pool environment of less than 50 decibels. After the smart mode is turned on, the heat pump can automatically provide the required heat according to the usage of the pool. Achieve zero waste of electricity.




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