Multi-Function Pool Heat Pump

More and more people would go to hotels, tourist areas and villas with an indoor swimming pool for different entertainment to enjoy swimming, spa, massage, and so on. If you have an indoor pool, then you should install a multi-function dehumidifier with a pool heater.

What is a multi-function dehumidifier?

Multi-function dehumidifier, also named multi-function heat pump dehumidifier. It’s all in one heat pump with dehumidification, indoor heating / cooling, pool heating, intelligent ventilation, fresh air – all in one precise control ), takes effective use of outside air, is the best choice in the economic and comfortable sense. It features 1) more obvious environmental protection, energy conservation and comfort by automatic operation according to different working conditions in four seasons. 2) realization of a harmonious relationship between humans and nature by an effective combination of space energy recovery and natural energy utilization.

FANTASTIC® company has manufactured and sold over 600 units of this multi-function dehumidifier worldwide and certified with CE, ROHS since 2002.

What's more, FANTASTIC™ is also a pool heater manufacturer with have much experience and technology on it.

What's the Advantage of FANTASTIC multi-function dehumidifier to let it sells so hot?

1. When or cooling system, pool heating is free:

Design of integrating five functions, used for indoor pool room dehumidification, for heat recovery to heat pool room and pool water, and to realize intelligent ventilation and precise regulation functions. It can save the cost of 40%~60% averagely compared with traditional dehumidification by ventilation. (Because FANTASTIC™ is also a pool heater manufacturer with have much experience and technology on it ).

2. Key components of FANTASTIC™ multi-function dehumidifier, such as compressor, thermal expansion valve are imported products with reliable performance. (As FANTASTIC™ is also a pool heater manufacturer with much experience and technology on it).

a. The unit applies a scroll compressor, less moving parts, low sound level and high efficiency.

b. All refrigerant pipes are brazed connections, no washer or thread sealing connections, to avoid motor oil or refrigerant leakage.

c. Anti-corrosion material for air heat exchanger. Full-copper coil for option.Auxiliary heater(electric heating, hot water heating, steam heating, etc.) for option.

d. Optimized design for fan and motor by professional selection software in order to get the optimal working point, efficiency and sound level.

e. Auxiliary heater (electric heating, hot water heating, steam heating, etc.) for option.

3. Control System Features of FANTASTIC™ multi-function dehumidifier.

The unit applies PLC control which is reliable with low failure rate, equips with wired remote control interface (cable wiring distance within 50m, isolated interface can add up to 1000m) which is convenient for inspection and maintenance, designs available for the store, display and set parameters such as pool water temp., air temp., air humidity, etc. which is convenient for monitoring (RS485 interface is provided for remote monitoring).

4. Structure Features of FANTASTIC™ multi-function dehumidifier.

a. All key components (compressor, control system, etc.) are installed in a compartment separated from air return to avoid corrosion.

b. Unit casing and frameworks are coated by anti-corrosion and environment-protective resin material.

c. Modular design for maximum adaptation to customers' flexibility and personalized needs, and to meet the standardization of the production process.

d. Convenient access door and detachable panel make the components inside the equipment an open space for maintenance.

e. Intelligent ventilation system for options. This option realizes intelligent ventilation by economic operation mode of partial fresh air.

f. The unit is normally installed indoor, outdoor installation for options.

g. The unit casing is equipped with a hinge-connected double-panel door which is convenient to open during maintenance.



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