Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Improved the and humidity situate of the indoor pool house and your house.

FANTASTIC pool dehumidifier is high efficient and good quality with a 304 stainless steel fan motor and complete plastic cabinet to dry the air of the indoor swimming pool.

Fantastic is a professional heat pump and pool dehumidifier supplier. It has been manufacturing and selling indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers for more than 18 years.

Based on 18 years of experience as a pool dehumidifier supplier, let's talk about what we need to pay attention to when selecting and using the swimming pool dehumidifier, and how to maintain the swimming pool and spa.

1. Reduce pool energy cost.

By controlling indoor humidity and air temperature of the indoor swimming pool, a correct swimming pool dehumidifier is needed to create a stable indoor environment. The use of dehumidifiers reduces the use of external air and the energy used to heat or cool the air.

2. Project analysis.

The traditional indoor swimming pool system always wastes energy by exhausting the air outside the room - the air has been heated or cooled by using precious energy. To make matters worse, any alternative air pumped into an indoor swimming pool usually contains more than the ideal amount of water. This process will destroy the stability of an indoor swimming pool and cause an unpleasant environment. FANTASTIC company believes that as a pool dehumidifier supplier, it is the most important to protect the investment of customers' indoor swimming pool. Other room dehumidification systems on the market waste energy and money while still not fully protecting your pool room or making it a comfortable swimming environment.

3. The indoor swimming pool and spa room need strict maintenance.

For example, when the water temperature of the swimming pool rises to the swimming temperature, the excess water will be released into the shell of the indoor swimming pool. This moisture contains a lot of chlorine or bromine disinfectant, which attacks everything in contact. If not controlled, mold and mold will eventually penetrate every inch of the indoor pool facility, as well as any adjacent structures. In order to avoid mold and structural problems, investment in appropriate pool room dehumidifiers can save money and maintain a healthy environment for customers.

Fantastic company, as a professional heat pump and pool dehumidifier supplier, specially designed two kinds of swimming pool dehumidifiers for indoor swimming pool, one is the indoor swimming pool dehumidifier with only dehumidification function, another one is the multi-functional indoor swimming pool dehumidifier that can meet the needs of the indoor swimming pool at one time, combining the energy-saving of heat pump and the efficient demand of swimming pool dehumidifier.

Fantastic's swimming pool dehumidifier is a highly rustproof plastic shell dehumidifier. Even the metal parts in the unit are made of advanced 304 stainless steel, which is a long-life 15-20 years! Different from other pool dehumidifier suppliers who only care about the humidity drop, but ignore the rust prevention and service life of the unit.

FANTASTIC 's multifunctional indoor swimming pool dehumidifier, in addition to indoor dehumidification, also provides an indoor swimming pool with room heating and cooling, indoor ventilation and fresh air conversion, as well as pool water heating - plus zero additional hardware costs. And after setting the mode, the whole process is automatic.



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