Swimming Pool Heat Pump

FANTASTIC company's swimming pool heat pump is standing out from the market, and a wide range for residential and commercial pool and different places and applications, high COP DC inverter swimming pool heat pump, Commercial swimming pool heat pump and T3 swimming pool heat pump.

Contrary to the traditional air to water heat pump system, people in cold climate need to use other non-energy-saving equipment or a larger heat pump system to provide enough heat for heating, but FANTASTIC™ company can provide high-performance heat pump different from other inverter heat pump supplier, so that users have an extraordinary year-round comfortable experience.

So, FANTASTIC™ company, a professional inverter heat pump supplier.  How is their inverter heat pump system,  and what is the difference?

How does FANTASTIC™ inverter heat pump system work?

On the basis of frequency conversion control, FANTASTIC™ adopts a unique process called "enhanced evaporative injection", which enables the heat pump to produce such a superior heating effect. A typical refrigerant circuit in a heat pump system collects heat from the outside and transfers it to the inside. Use the hot refrigerant to flow back into the internal coil to enhance heating.

The cooler refrigerant is injected into the compressor, allowing it to run at a faster speed to produce high-performance heat exchange.

In the cold climate, the pressure, refrigerant flow and operating capacity of the heat pump system usually decrease. But FANTASTIC™'s company, on the basis of strengthening the evaporation and injection technology, adopts the variable capacity technology of the super heating inverter technology to improve the frequency of the heat pump system. It can achieve a higher heating speed of the compressor at lower outdoor air temperature, without any additional pressure on the unit or long-term damage to the compressor. This kind of inverter heat pump system can work stably even when it resists - 35 ℃. It can really realize the air source heat pump system that can work in a cold climate. Moreover, when the ambient temperature is reduced to - 15 ℃, it can still provide 100% heating energy equivalent to 7 ℃ ambient temperature. This innovation means that in all climate conditions, users can experience the benefits of inverter drive, variable heat pump as follows:

1. The indoor temperature is the same: no rise and fall, no switch: when the traditional inverter heat pump supplier's heat pump automatically adjusts the inverter drive heat pump, even if the outdoor temperature drops below zero, the problem that the heating capacity declines with the decrease of the ambient temperature begins to appear, and the customer will feel the problem of insufficient heating capacity. The FANTASTIC™ inverter heat pump system can keep the same heating capacity until - 15 ℃.

2. Only the energy you need is consumed. Unlike other inverter heat pump supplier's heat pumps, the FANTASTIC™ inverter heat pump system using enhanced evaporative injection technology only consumes the energy you need: the inverter is driven partition system only provides the hot air volume needed to reach the required temperature - not much.

3. Fast temperature rise: the traditional inverter heat pump supplier's heat pump system needs a long time to reach the required temperature, while the high speed of the inverter heat pump system of FANTASTIC™ inverter heat pump system allows fast and efficient cooling and heating.

4. The energy use is uniform and stable: the energy consumption of the traditional inverter heat pump supplier's heat pump system will surge every time the compressor is started. When the inverter heat pump system of FANTASTIC™ inverter heat pump system starts, the variable capacity heat pump uses less current, avoiding the peak of energy use.



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