In the past 100 years, the traditional air to water heat pumps can no longer work in a low-temperature environment (even - 35 ℃), many air to water heat pump manufacturers choose the method of increasing auxiliary electric heating to make up for this problem. In 2016, FANTASTIC™, the professional air to water heat pump manufacturer, introduced EVI technology to the world's air to water heat pump, which greatly solved the problem that the traditional pool heat pump could not work at low temperature, so that the air to water heat pump could not normally provide heat for the room without auxiliary element to heat.

However, FANTASTIC™, an air to water heat pump manufacturer with technology control and passion for heat pump, does not stop here, because although ordinary EVI can work at low temperature, with the decrease of ambient temperature, the heating capacity and COP of air to water heat pump will also be reduced, and the customer's comfort experience will be worse. Even when it is very low temperature, it feels that the heating capacity is insufficient, which can not really replace the low temperature, it needs to be assisted with the other heat source. As responsibility air to water heat pump manufacturer, FANTASTIC™ company is the first company in China that combines EVI technology and inverter technology, so that EVI inverter heat pump was born. And in 2017, we applied for and obtained patents for this technology.

Under the low-temperature protection of EVI technology, the EVI inverter technology of fantastic company enables the unit to increase the operating frequency of compressor and fan and strengthen the heating power when it is operating at low temperature, so that the unit can still provide the same heating capacity as 7 degrees above zero even though the temperature is as low as 35 degrees below zero. The unit can not only operate normally but also produce the same heating capacity When enough. The air to water heat pump can replace the installation cost of the high source heat pump, and provide high-efficiency energy ratio heat, which is energy-saving and heat sufficient.

Fantastic's EVI inverter heat pump has been launched in 2017. It has become one of the most popular heat pump products in the market in Canada, Russia, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia and other cold and low-temperature countries, while leading the new market tide.

Fantastic's EVI inverter heat pump, because of its excellent heating capacity and cost-performance ratio, efficiency ratio, has been certified by CE, ETL, TUV, and other certification have been recognized by a number of testing agencies, as well as a number of national customers, is the best air to water heat pump in the new era.

With the birth of the first sample in 2017, more than 15000 EVI inverter heat pumps have been mass-produced in the world today. In just two or three years, its amazing sales growth explains that if a product cares about users, users will care about its sales. Up to now, FANTASTIC™ company has more than 30 distributors in the world.

Today, fantastic is still looking for more partners in order to win the market and better serve users. We hope to use our professional, reliable, different to our customers to get fantastic market revenue, and also let the users of our products achieve the comfort of fantastic. FANTASTIC™ is not only the air to water heat pump manufacturer of China but also the air to water heat pump manufacturer of the world.

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