Hot-sale Heat Pumps

FANTASTIC heat Heat pumps are the most cost-effective, reliable, and energy-saving option when it comes to heating and cooling your home  or pool or other commercial project .  FANTASTIC company have more than 50 patents and most product with CE for Europe ,UL for North America, T-Marck for Australia,and passed EN14511 test  for Europe ,Emery-Saving Star test for North America ,  LOA test for South Africa.


The hot-sale products is

1. Full inverter pool heat pump (smart control )

2. EVI inverter heat pump for heating cooling an domestic hot water ( can work under -30℃ ambient);

3. T3 heat pump for Middle East (can work under +50℃ ambient);

4.  2-stage high temperature heat pump (75-80℃ water) for heating  ;

5.  Commercial custom-made heat pump (we can make the heat pump as your project or recruitment) ;

6.  Geothermal water to water heat pump (inverter technology as option ) ;

7. Pool Dehumidifier;

And so on different kinds of heat pump.


All the heat pump are with CAREL control as option.


With an average residential heat pump costing less than one dollar per day to operate, it's little wonder that heat pump installation is one of the top home improvement projects for home builders and do-it-yourselfers. But heat pump systems aren't all the same. There are a variety of heat pump system manufacturers, each claiming their product's qualities and abilities. When deciding on which heat pump system manufacturer to purchase for your home, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right one for your needs.


An excellent heat pump system will provide you with the highest amount of heating or cooling, as well as the lowest amount of maintenance and upkeep.FANTASTICHeat pumps effectively represent the best solution to energy, fuel and electricity costs, while also offering the most effective solution to indoor air quality. Furnaces generally perform near best, rating close to 98 percent efficient, but they don't represent a long term solution in terms of a carbon footprint impact. In the heat, air conditioners represent the best long-term options, costing less than two dollars per day to run, but offering nearly unlimited benefits, including low maintenance.


The best FANTASTIC heat pumps, due to their exceptional efficiency, coupled with their value, offer some of the best values in indoor air quality systems. Furnaces and air conditioners represent significant long-term impacts to your wallet, while also causing you significant long term impacts to your health and the environment. Air conditioners can cause life-threatening levels of asthma, as well as contributing to severe, sometimes life threatening, carbon emissions. A heat pump system can help reduce or eliminate these risks and potential harm, while still providing you with your desired comfort level. In addition to reducing energy consumption, heat pumps also reduce water consumption through evaporation and reduce household heat loss.


When you install a heat pump system, you will have the opportunity to reduce your heating and cooling costs while effectively increasing your indoor air quality. While it is true that installing a system will increase your costs, this is offset through the reduction in energy consumption, lower running costs, and extended expected life. If installed and operated properly, a heat pump system will provide the opportunity to eliminate or reduce your heating and air conditioning costs over your lifetime. For families who are concerned about the rising cost of energy and the environmental impact that high energy consumption has on the planet, a heat pump system may be just the solution that you are seeking.


Installing a heat pump system offers many positive benefits and offers you the opportunity to significantly reduce your expenses while increasing the comfort and quality of your home. You will enjoy overall cost savings, better indoor air quality, and potentially eliminating your need for an air conditioner or heater. Heat pumps operate more efficiently than air conditioners and they produce less harmful emissions. Additionally, you can use heat pumps in regions that are prone to harsh winters. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences below freezing temperatures during the winter, you can use heat pumps to alleviate the discomfort associated with using an air conditioner.


The installation of a heat pump system provides an excellent return on investment. In fact, it is estimated that heat pumps will save homeowners anywhere from three to twenty-five percent of their annual heating and air conditioning costs. With the current state of the economy, it is important to take a hard look at your spending and make strategic decisions to help reduce your expenses. One of the easiest ways to reduce your spending is to replace heat pumps with Energy Star certified systems which not only reduce your energy consumption by up to fifty percent, but also improve the air quality of your home as a result.


House heating & cooling

House Heating & Cooling

House Heating & Cooling

Wide working ambient temperature range: -25 degree~43 degree; Intelligent control, any weather available, automatic load adjust under different climate and environment to satisfy the demands of summer cooling, winter heating and hot water throughout the year.


Fantastic, China leading air source heat pump supplier, has launch mass production on R32 EVI DC inverter heat pump with recently. The popular two models,10.5KW and 16.5KW house heating heat pump are widely applied in North Europe. Fantastic will promote its R32 production line for a full range of EVI DC inverter heat pump, and cooperate with more European partners for marketing promotion and product application.

Fantastic EVI DC inverter heat pump is capable of the wide working temperature from -35°C to 43°C. With a famous inverter compressor, EVI technology, and intelligent control, low noise design, the unit is super energy saving and high performance. Whatever it is for home or villa, whatever how low temperature it is, Fantastic EVI DC inverter air source heat pump will provide you the best heating solution.

Product features:
Famous Italian CAREL Control System Or Schneider for Option
Safe Operation under -35℃ Ambient Temperature
Super Efficient and Silent by 4-core Full Inverter Technology
50% Speed up Heating/Cooling Time
Superior Heating Ability
Quick Enter to Stable Status
High COP and 30% more Energy-Saving than Traditional Heat Pump

FANTASTIC provide a different kind of heat pump for house heating & house cooling + domestic hot water optional, to meet different local places' requirement, there are DC Inverter heat pump, air to water heat pump, water fan coil, and also have the cold climate heat pump:  EVI inverter heat pump, EVI heat pump, water to water heat pump, Inverter geothermal heat pump.EVI inverter air conditioner heat pump.


Swimming Pool Product

Swimming Pool Product

Swimming Pool Product

Swimming Pool Multi-function Pool Heat Pump combines Pool water heating/cooling, indoor room cooling and heating,dehumidification, provide fresh air, intelligent ventilation in one unit by precise integration control.


At the end of 2019, Fantastic, China leading pool heat pump manufacturer, not only increase the sales of a pool heat pump in Asia, but also increase the sale of heat pump dehumidifier to five countries in Central Asia, Uzbekistan as an important market, make the most progress nearly 30% increase by shipment.
The user from countries as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,  Uzbekistan have a high demand for heat pump dehumidifier, Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier has many successful applications in Russia, South Europe, and now more and more Asia business partners have a strong interest in ordering dehumidifiers.



About heat pump dehumidifier
Wide range application Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier is widely used in swimming pool, room, warehouse for medicine, food,  wooden, fruit, printing products.
Intelligent control With microcomputer automatic control, LED digital display, dehumidifier have accurately humidification control to provide more comfortable.
Multi-protection  Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier has compressor protection, high/low-pressure protection, water flow protection, delay timer protection.

FANTASTIC company offers a wide range of heat pump products for the swimming pool.
1.DC inverter Swimming pool heat pump heat/cool the water temperature to extend your swimming season whatever small pool or commercial pool.
2. The pool dehumidifier removes the air to give you a comfortable swimming experience.
3. Multifunctional pool heat pump systems can meet all requirements of indoor pool heating, cooling, pool heating, dehumidification, and ventilation.



The most energy-efficient water heater for swimming pool


In order to enable swimming enthusiasts not only to enjoy comfortable swimming in summer, but also to enjoy a swimming environment with moderate temperature and clear air in cold winter. This creates an indoor constant temperature swimming pool air source heat pump. Let FANTASTIC take you to understand the indoor constant temperature swimming pool air source heat pump. Which kind of water heater for swimming pool is more energy efficient?


Water heater for swimming pool include gas boilers, electric heaters for swimming pools, swimming pool air source heat pump, solar gas boilers. The large swimming pools are usually heated by boilers and then used for heat exchange with circulating water pumps. Gas boilers need abundant gas and oil resources, which are not environmentally friendly. If it is a small swimming pool, a special electric heater for the swimming pool can be used, which requires a power source, which is inconvenient to use at ordinary times.


Solar water heaters, as a low-energy product, have a good development momentum, but they will be affected according to weather conditions, and are lacking compared to electric heat pump pool heaters. FANTASTIC swimming pool air source heat pump compared with the traditional swimming pool water heating mode, the air source heat pump uses clean and renewable raw materials (air energy + electricity) as energy source, which neither produces harmful gases to the human body nor causes pollution to the atmosphere. . Get the highest heating benefit with the lowest power input. The electric heat pump pool heaters will have a higher investment in the early stage, but the energy-saving effect in the later stage will have a very low operating cost.



The heating of an indoor constant temperature swimming pool is still more complicated. If your swimming pool does not have a heating system, you may first calculate the pool area based on the swimming pool specifications, and then choose the appropriate swimming pool air source heat pump according to the pool surface area and your temperature rise requirements. Please consult the FANTASTIC heat pump manufacturer for more information!

  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • Swimming Pool Dehumidifier
  • Multi-function Dehumidifier

    Hot Water Heater or Water Chiller

    Hot Water Heater or Water Chiller

    Hot Water Heater or Water Chiller

    Residential and commercial hot water, heating/cooling: House, Apartment, Vila, Hotel, Hospital, Spa, Holiday Center, and so on.


    In order to support the German business partner, and with R&D strength, Fantastic has developed a new series of inverter water source heat pump. Fantastic not only as an air source water chiller supplier, but also as a water source heat pump supplier now. The water source heat pump is the equipment that absorbs the thermal energy stored in the ground water to heat the water for house heating or hot water. It works through the DC inverter compressor, transferring heat from the water source to the water tank. Like an air source heat pump, water source heat pump also mainly consists of four parts: compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger, refrigerant. Water source heat pump can produce consistent hot water and heating, even in the coldest of temperatures. The water source heat pump is applicable to areas with better water source conditions.

    Product features:
    High outlet water temperature
    Power consumption over 70% energy saving than the ordinary heating device
    Environmental friendly refrigerant, no air pollution
    High efficient system design, corrosion-resistant, long life
    Wide heating capacity, also be widely used in the field of industrial energy conservation

    FANTASTIC different types of heat pump water heater is as different customer requirement, we OEM and ODM different kind of hot water heat pump - 2-stage high-temperature heat pump for 65-80C even if under -20℃; air to water heat pump water heater for domestic hot water system and commercial hot water system; bolt-on heat pump and all in one heat pump are popular for domestic hot water using. And ground source heat pump for cold climate place.

  • Commercial & Industrial Heat Pump
  • Residential Heat Pump Water Heater

    Agriculture or Industry Heat Pump Dryer & Dehumidifier

    Agriculture or Industry Heat Pump Dryer & Dehumidifier

    Agriculture or Industry Heat Pump Dryer & Dehumidifier

    More than 50% less power consumption than traditional electric heating and drying equipment; full power operation, no pollution to drying materials and external environment.

    3 types of heat pump dehumidifier. More than 50% less power consumption than traditional electric heating and drying equipment; full-power operation, no pollution to drying materials and external environment. They could be multifunctional as indoor pool dehumidifier, as warehouse dryer - food dryer, medicine dryer, wood dryer, fruit dryer, and so on, and also an industrial dryer for different dried fruit or sauce or industrial drying.  


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