Swimming pool heat pump installation

It is a very simple task to install the pool heat pump, which can be completed by the owners of the swimming pool, the local engineers or one of our experienced installation engineers. However, the manufacturer's recommendations should be followed to avoid invalidation of the warranty or the obstruction of the normal operation of the heat pump.


Choose an air circulation location for the pool heat pump. The best efficiency of heat pump depends on good air flow. Try to choose the outdoor installation of heat pump, in order to be able to receive good fresh air to operate and extract heat from it. Especially for the installation of commercial pool heat pump, outdoor ventilation should be selected.


There are two main forms of pool heat pump: vertical fan and horizontal fan. The vertical swimming pool heat pump will inhale air from the side of the heat pump and blow the air from the condenser to the top of the unit. You need to make sure there are no barriers above the heat pump to reduce efficiency, such as low trees or roofs. Similarly, the horizontal pool heat pump will inhale air from behind the unit and exhaust cooler air from the front of the heat pump. The larger the space, the better, but at least 300 mm should be left behind the heat pump and 2 meters in front. Similarly, the discharged air should be able to be blown away without encountering obstacles, such as hedges, fences, etc., leading to the re circulation of air. This installation method is suitable for fixed frequency pool heat pump and frequency conversion pool heat pump.


Select the appropriate water flow of the pump, most of the heat pump are indicated in the parameter table of water flow. If the water flow is insufficient, water flow protection will appear, which will affect the operation of heat pump. For commercial heat pump, please select the pump and pipe with enough water flow. When selecting commercial heat pump, you need to consult the water flow carefully.


Both of the on off heat pump or swimming pool inverter heat pump, it is better to have a base to lower the noise and reduce the vibration. The base for the heat pump should be level and sound




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