Swimming Pool Heat Pump Parameters and Applications in Cold Weather

Swimming is a sport that many people like now, especially in summer, they hope to cool down by swimming. But how about in winter or some cold area, can't you swim in the cold winter? Whether we have to use electric heating or gas heating with high power consumption, high energy consumption and potential safety hazards, we can't use the pool heating system with both energy saving and safety. In fact, it's not the case. 2 types of swimming pool heat pumps of FANTASTIC company (EVI /Inverter swimming pool and multi-function pool heat pump dehumidifier) let us carry out our favorite sports in the end even in the cold winter or cold area, like the projects of heat pump swimming pool turkey, warm swimming pool Russia/Moscow.


Now swimming pools are divided into two categories: outdoor swimming pool and indoor swimming pool.


If it is not a very cold winter, many customers will go to the outdoor swimming pool for swimming, and the swimming pool heating, the most energy-saving, the most effective, the most advanced heating system must be the air source swimming pool heat pump, but the traditional air source swimming pool heat pump can only operate well when the ambient temperature is above 0 ℃, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the traditional swimming pool heat pump can not work or heat up the water, but FANTASTIC inverter pool heat pump and EVI pool heat pump can work well at low temperature by using low-temperature inverter or EVI technology, and provide stable hot water. Not only that, but FANTASTIC inverter pool heat pump and EVI pool heat pump also have high COP, which can make users save electric costs and money.




In the cold winter, most people still like to swim in the indoor swimming pool, but many fitness clubs and hotel clubs will build an indoor constant temperature swimming pool. At the beginning of construction, they will choose not to install indoor constant temperature and humidity systems due to the limitation of construction cost. In winter, the following problems will occur:


1. when the swimmers finish the exercise, they will have a strong sense of cold when they put on the water, which will greatly reduce the recognition of the swimming venues, resulting in the loss of consumers;


2. The evaporation of the water surface of the indoor constant temperature swimming pool will make the indoor air contain a lot of chloramines and trihalomethanes, which will not only stimulate the human body, but also seriously harm the human health;


3. The relative humidity of indoor air in the swimming pool is too high. When the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large in winter, condensation water is easy to form. On the one hand, it will cause fog and affect the outdoor environment of indoor swimmers. On the other hand, because the condensation water in indoor swimming pool contains a lot of chlorine, it will corrode buildings.


Some owners only install HVAC and adopt traditional exhaust design, which will cause a lot of heat loss in the swimming pool room in winter and a lot of cooling loss in the swimming pool room in summer. In order to supplement the energy lost in the swimming pool, in the traditional ventilation and dehumidification mode, the swimming pool has to increase the redundant heat / cold source to supplement the energy in the swimming pool, which consumes a lot of energy cost use.


So we have to choose correct heat pumps for the swimming pool which not only heat the pool, but also can solve above problem for indoor pool.


FANTASTIC multi-function pool heat pump dehumidifier is developed to solve the problems of the indoor swimming pools such as high humidity and high chlorine air environment. It integrates multiple functions such as constant temperature and humidity, air conditioning, waste heat recovery, pool water heating, fresh air treatment and so on. In the process of dehumidification air conditioning, a large number of heat is recovered and integrated utilization is realized, and many are implemented for different seasons Compared with the traditional dehumidification mode, it can save 30% ~ 50% of energy and cost, and reduce environmental pollution.




With the development in recent years, there are more and more cases of using FANTASTIC multi-function pool heat pump dehumidifier in indoor swimming pools, such as stadiums, high-end hotels, colleges and universities, gyms and other places in different countries


Here is a summary of its features:

Swimming pool multi-function pool heat pump combines pool water heating/cooling, indoor pool room cooling and heating, dehumidification, intelligent ventilation in one unit by precise integration control.


2. 100% Heat Recovery in Mode of Room Cooling + Pool Heating 
With the patented heat recovery design of 2 different heat exchangers and unique heat recovery control, during indoor room cooling operation, it can be heat-recovered to pool heating, which means pool heating is free of energy consumption.


3  COP up to 10.0 in Pool Heating + Dehumidifying Mode
The unit applies triple generation technology which makes a very prominent effect on energy-saving, with comprehensive COP up to 10 under pool water heating + dehumidifying mode.


4. Titanium Heat Exchanger
For the pool heating part, the unit uses high efficient heat exchanger with internal coils made of titanium metal with strong corrosion resistance to ensure the long service life of the unit. Pool water loop and refrigerant loop are designed to be counter-flow layout inside the heat exchanger to ensure refrigerant outlet sub-cooling degree and thus improve the system efficiency.


5. Ventilation Mode (Fresh Air)
When the outdoor ambient temperature and humidity approach the designed requirements, ventilation mode will be started to realize a comfortable effect indoor and save significant operating costs.



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