Swimming Pool Product

Swimming Pool Product

Swimming Pool Multi-function Pool Heat Pump combines Pool water heating/cooling, indoor room cooling and heating,dehumidification, provide fresh air, intelligent ventilation in one unit by precise integration control.


At the end of 2019, Fantastic, China leading pool heat pump manufacturer, not only increase the sales of a pool heat pump in Asia, but also increase the sale of heat pump dehumidifier to five countries in Central Asia, Uzbekistan as an important market, make the most progress nearly 30% increase by shipment.
The user from countries as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,  Uzbekistan have a high demand for heat pump dehumidifier, Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier has many successful applications in Russia, South Europe, and now more and more Asia business partners have a strong interest in ordering dehumidifiers.

About heat pump dehumidifier
Wide range application Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier is widely used in swimming pool, room, warehouse for medicine, food,  wooden, fruit, printing products.
Intelligent control With microcomputer automatic control, LED digital display, dehumidifier have accurately humidification control to provide more comfortable.
Multi-protection  Fantastic heat pump dehumidifier has compressor protection, high/low-pressure protection, water flow protection, delay timer protection.

FANTASTIC company offers a wide range of heat pump products for the swimming pool.
1.DC inverter Swimming pool heat pump heat/cool the water temperature to extend your swimming season whatever small pool or commercial pool.
2. The pool dehumidifier removes the air to give you a comfortable swimming experience.
3. Multifunctional pool heat pump systems can meet all requirements of indoor pool heating, cooling, pool heating, dehumidification, and ventilation.


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