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T3 Air Source Pool Heat Pump
T3 Air Source Pool Heat Pump
Air to Water Standard Type Room Heat Pump

T1 Commercial Pool Heat Pump

  • Main Features:
    • Wide heating capacity up to 215 kw or bigger
    • Control working compressor quantity for more energy saving
    • Centralized Control for multi heat pumps work together
    • Centralized Control
    • EEV technology
    • Super low noise working
    • Golden fin heat exchanger
    • Golden fin heat exchanger for option
    • Auto Pool Heating /Cooling switch
    • High COP
    • Milt-Protection
    • APP control for optional

Core Strengths

  Why Fantastic Commercial Pool Heat Pump Is Best?

Wide models range - we can make the commercial swimming pool heat pump up to 215 kW or bigger as your actual pool situation,

OEM/ODM - We have more than 18 years of experience to design and choose the correct pool heating system for you, whatever it's an Olympic swimming pool heat pump or public pool heat pump.

Affordability - As the high COP of FANTASTIC commercial pool heat pump, it can heat your pool for about 25% of the cost of heating with gas, High COP means more energy saving.
Ex. $1 input - $ 5.8 of energy output at COP of 5.8

Long life with good quality components - FANTASTIC commercial swimming pool heat pump heat your pool rain or shine, and using a spiral titanium heat exchanger, the casing can be galvanized metal or stainless steel for option, golden fin air heat exchanger, EEV, soft start, and so on.

3 models choose - FANTASTIC commercial pool heater can provide heating mode or cooling mode or automatic mode that switch heating or cooling as water temperateness actual situation automatically.

Smart central control - Multi heat pumps can work and be controlled together under one master controller, it would more convenient to user check and control the working heat pump, what’s more, FANTASTIC’s smart central control can choose the working heat pump quantity as the actual situation to always save your energy all the time.   

40℃~50℃ water for spa or special using for option - FANTASTIC industrial pool heat pump can high-temperature water by special heat exchanger design.


A pool heat pump is a device used to move heated water from a pool or spa back to the pool's heating system. The pump heats the water that is being moved. It also moves the heated water through a system of pipes and evaporators before it gets to the pool's heat system. This device is usually located in the pool's heating system but is often placed outside the pool for convenience. Heat pumps are commonly used as backup heating systems because they require little maintenance and can stand up to extreme temperatures.


Heat Pumps is rated on Btu output and horsepower. A licensed professional technician can check your pool heat pump for efficiency. If you have a gas-fired system, the technician will also check the gas pressure and burners, ensuring that your pool heat pump and system are working properly and safely. Heating a pool with a pool heat pump can be less expensive than operating a hot water heater because there are fewer fuel costs involved.


Heater-type pool heat pumps, also called solar pool heat pumps, use a separate heating element. The elements are located in the backyard and they provide electrical power to the evaporator coils. Heaters can run on electricity, natural gas or propane. The size of the evaporator coils determines how much heat is produced.


The basic working of a pool heat pump includes the pump's action, heat exchangers and pool water temperature regulating components. The action of the device takes place when the pump's rotor is turned by the water temperature sensors. When the water temperature moves inside the exchangers, it causes a heating effect. The amount of heating needed is determined by the size of the blades and the types of heat exchangers.


Swimming pool heat pump systems regulate the temperatures of the pool water. Pool owners need to install and maintain pool heat pump equipment. It is important for swimming pool heat pump to be kept clean and in good condition. A pool owner has the option to purchase pool heat pump cleaning equipment. This helps remove dirt, debris and algae from the heat exchanger, blades and motors.


Pool owners should consider all important factors to make a wise decision. Some of the most important factors to consider include: the size of the pool, the operating cost, maintenance costs and available energy sources. It is advisable to choose a swimming pool heat pump that is suitable to the size and environment of your pool. It is also important to learn more about the different types of pool heat pump and their functions before making a decision.



Product Detail

  • Wide Heating Capacity Range

  • Lower Running Cost Than Traditional Pool Heat Pump for Option

  • Auto Pool Heating/Cooling Switch

  • High COP

  • Centralized Control

  • Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger

  • Electric Expansion Vavle

  • Fin Heat Exchanger

Wide Heating Capacity Range

The heating capacity of FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump is up to 258 Kw or larger, suitable for different pool size demands, no matter for household or commercial projects.

Wide Heating Capacity Range

Lower Running Cost Than Traditional Pool Heat Pump for Option

FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump has precise energy stage settings that ensure the working unit to achieve the desired energy saving efficiency. Heat pump will change compressor using quantity according to the real heat required by water inlet temperature. When the pool requires higher heating load, it will use full compressor quantity; when water temperature is close to target set temperature, it requires lower heating load, then it will turn off some compressors and just use the compressor quantity according to the real heat load.

Lower Running Cost Than Traditional Heat Pump

Auto Pool Heating/Cooling Switch

FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump has auto mode to keep the pool water temperature. For example, if the pool target water temperature is set to 28℃, when the actual pool water temperature is lower than 28℃, heat pump will start heating automatically; when the actual pool water temperature is high than 28℃, it will start cooling automatically.

Auto Pool Heating /Cooling Switch

High COP

With COP of 5.7 at working condition of 24℃/19℃ (DB/WB), FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump has high efficiency for both pool cooling and heating.

High COP

Centralized Control

FANTSTIC commercial heat pump can be paralleled controlled of up to 16 units at the same time by one centralized controller. This makes temperature adjustment and failure review much easier and more practical. By incorporating the master-slave control into the design, the units in the whole system can work together with higher efficiency without interfered by any failure of the slave units during operation.

Centralized Control

Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger

FANTASTIC patented titanium heat exhcanger is with spiral tubes insie, the titanium coil with higher heat efficiency and anti-corrosion, which makes the unit longer working life. Besides, FANTASTIC has patented shell certified ETL for North America.


Electric Expansion Vavle

Wider working temperature range, faster and more accurate refrigerant flow control than capillary and mechanical expansion valve. Best choice to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving.

High Efficeint EEV Control

Fin Heat Exchanger

Highly customizable, at least three kinds of fin heat exchangers are in option, including the golden fin heat exchanger, blue fin heat exchanger, hydrophilic fin heat exchanger.

Fin Heat Exchanger
Air To Water Commercial Swimming pool Heat Pump
Model   FPHC060T3 FPHC080T3 FPHC100T3 FPHC120T3 FPHC150T3 FPHC200T3 FPHC250T3 FPHC300T3 FPHC400T3 FPHC500T3
Heating Conditon: Ambient: 27℃; Water: 26℃
Heating Capacity kW 30.0 40.0 50.0 60.0 75.0 100.0 125.0 150.0 200.0 250.0
BTU/h 68300 136500 170600 204800 255900 341200 426500 511800 682400 853000
COP W/W 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87
Input Power  kW 3.41 6.81 8.52 10.22 12.78 17.04 21.29 25.55 34.07 42.59
Input Current A 6.5 12.9 16.2 19.4 24.3 32.4 40.4 48.5 64.7 80.9
Heating Conditon: Ambient: 24℃; Water: 26℃
Heating Capacity kW 25.8 34.4 43.0 51.6 64.5 86.0 107.5 129.0 172.0 215.0
BTU/h 88100 117400 146800 176100 220100 293500 366800 440200 586900 733600
COP W/W 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3
Input Power kW 4.87 6.49 8.11 9.74 12.17 16.23 20.28 24.34 32.45 40.57
Input Current A 9.2 12.3 15.4 18.5 23.1 30.8 38.5 46.2 61.6 77.0
Heating Conditon: Ambient: 15℃; Water: 26℃
Heating Capacity kW 22.8 30.4 38.0 45.6 57.0 76.0 95.0 114.0 152.0 190.0
BTU/h 77800 103800 129700 155600 194500 259400 324200 389000 518700 648300
COP W/W 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7 4.7
Input Power kW 4.85 6.47 8.09 9.70 12.13 16.17 20.21 24.26 32.34 40.43
Input Current A 9.2 12.3 15.4 18.4 23.0 30.7 38.4 46.1 61.4 76.8
Power Supply V/PH/Hz 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50 380/3/50
Water Out let/Water In let inch 1–1/2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 2–1/2" 3" 4" 4"
Water Flow Volume (range) m3/h 7.39~14.79 9.86~19.72 12.32~24.65 14.79~29.58 18.49~36.97 24.65~49.30 30.81~61.62 36.97~73.95 49.30~98.60 61.62~123.24
Fan Direction   vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical vertical
Refrigerant Type R32/R410a

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