What Is The Difference Between An Electric Dryer And A Heat Pump Dryer?

Standard electric dryers use electricity to power an element that heats the dryer to dry the clothes inside. The water, lint, and excess heat is then vented outside. On the other hand, heat pump dryers do not need a vent and instead, recycle heat within its own closed system.

Heat pump dryers need 40-50% less energy than a standard electric dryer, though the operating time required for the heat pump dryer is slightly longer.

Are heat pump dryers worth it?
Considering electric dryers are one of the biggest consumers of energy in the home, investing in a heat pump dryer is a smart move. Not only is it much more efficient than a standard electric dryer, but its cost savings is also substantial, both in the short and long term.

How a Heat Pump Dryer Works
A heat pump dryer uses refrigerant to catch the hot air from the dryer and that element is then pushed through a compressor to make it even hotter. That new hot air is then pushed back into the dryer and the cycle repeats itself.

Although heat pump dryers don't require vents, they do need to drain. There's a hose that can be run to a drain or there's a built-in catch that collects water for up to two cycles before it needs to be dumped.

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