Tips For How To Better Maintain And Use Your Heat Pump

Now more and more people use a heat pump (heat pump water heater, heat pump heating,  heat pump cooling) to replace an electric water heater or gas water heater to provide domestic hot water or room heating and cooling. So how to use and maintain can make your heat pump more energy-saving and longer life? Do you know the correct use and maintenance method of a heat pump? Here are some tips for heat pump:



1. Set the thermostat at a temperature. Do not adjust frequently. The continuous adjustment will lead to higher utility costs, especially in winter.

2. If you use a thermostat as the setback type, limit the setback to twice a day, for example, during work and sleep.

3. Set the thermostat to only 6% of the desired temperature (approximately 5 degrees).

4. In the heating season, try not to set the thermostat below 65 degrees.

5. Form the habit of watching an outdoor heat pump in winter to see if there is too much ice or snow on or around the heat pump. Especially after bad weather.

6. If the equipment is covered with ice and snow, it must be removed to work normally. Turn the thermostat to the emergency heating or off position to remove ice and snow. You can pour warm water on the equipment to melt the ice and snow. Even cold water coming out of the pipes can help, but don't use hot water.

7. Do not use any sharp object to pick up or knock down the ice on the heat pump coil. This can cause serious damage and personal injury.

8. Once the unit is free of ice and snow, turn the thermostat back to the normal heating state. If the unit freezes again, call for service.

9. Do not let the outdoor unit sit under the leaky drainage ditch. In winter, water drips on top of the equipment and freezes. This will restrict airflow and cause the entire unit to freeze.

10. The heat pump should be 4 to 8 inches above the ground to keep the coil free of ice and snow and allow proper drainage. If you want to improve your unit, please contact our service department.

11. If the heat pump is not used for a long time, or it is only started in winter, all water in the heat pump must be drained first and then shut down. Once winter comes, turn on the heat pump, or do not turn on the heat pump in time, the water in the heat pump will be frozen and ice will burst the heat exchanger, so the whole heat pump will be damaged and can not be used again.

12. Check the air filter monthly. Clean or replace as needed.

13. Keep outdoor equipment away from snow, ice and floor tiles. Including top, side, bottom and around the heat pump.

14. Keep outdoor coils clean. If they get dirty, you can wash them out with a heavy degreaser. Turn off the device first.

Keep shrubs trimmed after at least 18 inches from all aspects of the heat pump to allow proper airflow and service.

15. Before using the air conditioner, flush the indoor condensation plate and drain the water in spring. This is important if the equipment is located above or in a completed living area, but it must be done by a trained service technician.

16. Some fan motors need to be refueled every year, but now almost all motors are permanently sealed.

Last but not least, we recommend that your heat pump be checked at least once a year by trained service technicians.

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