Understanding the Benefits of R32 Refrigerant in Heat Pumps


In order to meet the needs of European customers, Fantastic, as a heat pump wholesale and manufacturer, has successfully developed R32 series heat pumps, which is more environmentally friendly compared to other traditional refrigerants. To help people further their understanding of this refrigerant, here we will show the benefits of R32 heat pump.

Comply with F-Gas regulations

Renewable heating products such as air-source heat pumps are becoming more and more popular, and in the coming months and years, as the government takes measures to implement a clean growth strategy to achieve net carbon zero emissions, there will The demand will further increase. In 2050. Therefore, heat pump wholesale/manufacturers are working hard to develop their products, incorporating design changes to increase efficiency and make their renewable heating products as green as possible. This is one of the reasons why more and more air source heat pumps use R32 refrigerant.

Another driving force for the increase in the use of R32 refrigerant is the EU regulations. Despite Brexit, the UK is still implementing the regulations. The 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-Gas) Regulation aims to phase out the use of HFCs and introduced a series of targets aimed at limiting the use of gases with the highest global warming potential (GWP). Global warming potential refers to the value of greenhouse gases (including HFC refrigerants), indicating their greenhouse effect and influence on the atmosphere. The GWP of R32 refrigerant is much lower than other typical heat pump refrigerants (such as R410a), so it meets the current legislative goals set by the F-Gas regulations.

Green certificate
Remaining on the subject of GWP, R32 refrigerant has a GWP of 675, which is 70% lower than that of R410a refrigerant. It has less harmful effects on the atmosphere and lower carbon emissions. In addition, the ozone depletion potential of R32 refrigerant is also zero. Therefore, R32 refrigerant is more environmentally friendly and helps improve the sustainability of its products.

High efficiency and low energy costs
The main benefit that R32 refrigerant can provide is greatly improved efficiency. It enables the heat pump to charge and recirculate more efficiently than certain other refrigerants, which means that the heat pump can operate at a higher efficiency. More efficient heat pumps run more environmentally friendly, consume less energy, and can help families reduce energy bills.

It is hoped that this blog can provide some insights on R32 refrigerant, explore its green and more sustainable qualifications, and understand how these benefits can be extended to the products it uses.



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